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Orlando Magic to Wear First-Ever “El Magic” Jerseys During Noche Latina on March

in appreciation of the Orlando Magic’s Hispanic fan base, for the first time ever the team will wear “El Magic” jerseys for three home games beginning on March 1 when Orlando faces Oklahoma City at the Amway Center (tip off set for 8:00 p.m. on TNT). The debut of the “El Magic” jerseys will coincide with Latin Night, Noche Latina, at the March 1 game. The “El Magic” jerseys…


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Pew Report Illustrates Youth Of Latino Population Relative To Non-Latino Counterparts

While 2010 Census data showed us how quickly the Latino population has grown in just ten years, a new statistical portrait released Tuesday by the Pew Hispanic Center illustrates just how young that population is.

New population graphs, which depict how the Latino and non-Latino populations break down in terms of age group, show that Hispanics skew much younger than…


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NCLR and USDA Step Up to the Plate To Ensure Latinos Eat Healthier

Marta Sanchez is 30 years old with three small children and works two other jobs outside the home. She often runs to the store in between jobs to buy groceries. She knows how important it is for her and her kids to eat right, but with her very hectic schedule, she barely has time to pick up everything she needs, much less spend a lot of time figuring out what are the best foods amid such an overwhelming number of choices.

Thanks to my work with the American Heart Association and the…


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Latina chefs becoming the new face in cooking

A decade after Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez helped Latin music explode into the mainstream, Latina chefs are doing the same for food.

From Food Network’s Marcela Valladolid and Evette Rios on ABC’s “The Chew’’ to uber-restaurateur Michelle Bernstein and cookbook author Lourdes Castro, these senoritas are proving to be the new face in cooking — especially on…


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Latino Mormons speaking out against Romney

When Honduran-born Antonella Cecilia Packard converted to the Mormon Faith 20 years ago, she said it was like "coming home."

The Catholic-educated Packard, who grew up in "the middle of Mayan ruins," appreciated the faith's strong sense of family and conservative values. She also saw her own history in the Book of Mormon with stories of migrations, tragedies and…


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Hispanic Radio Listeners: Are They The Most Loyal?

In a day and age when localism seems to be getting the short end of the stick at quite a few radio stations, Hispanic radio is delivering big time to its listeners. Over the past few weeks we've spent a lot of time discussing the explosive growth of Hispanic radio, with so many great broadcasters all over the country. One of those broadcasters is Tony Bonicci (pictured), who is running stations for Lotus Communications in Las Vegas. Bonicci is up for Broadcaster of the Year in the Radio Ink…


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Hispanics Log In To Social Media More Often than Other Ethnic Groups

3,349 respondents participated in the 1st February American Pulse conducted 2/13-2/20/2012, utilizing BIGinsight™ and reInvention survey panels. The latest results show that Hispanics log in to social media sites more often than other ethnic groups. Also, while Americans remain divided on the issue of censorship, most Hispanics, Blacks and Caucasians agree that racial slurs…


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Why Are Latinos Not Saving for Retirement?

A new survey by ING Retirement Research Institute, by Forbes, revealed that Latinos aren't saving for their golden years.

Fifty-four percent of Latinos said that they felt "not very" or "not at all" financially prepared for retirement, a percentage that was higher than that of all other ethnic groups surveyed including African-Americans, whites and Asians.

The question now is why Latinos are not saving more money toward their retirement. While the ING survey reported that about…


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White house summit asks, “Why don’t Hispanics vote?”

Amongst many of the issues discussed Saturday during the White House Hispanic Action Summit were the power of the Hispanic vote and the lack of Latino turnout during elections.

One of the roundtable discussions featured representatives from across the state of Ohio, including Cleveland, Lorain, Cincinnati and Toledo. Facilitated by the city of Lorain’s president of council, Joel Arredondo, the voter roundtable discussed how to reach out to young voters, discussed why Latinos do not…


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Latinos Most Likely Ethnic Group to ‘Marry-Out’ of Race

The number of new marriages between spouses of a different race or ethnicity increased to 15.1 percent in 2010, and the share of all current marriages that are either interracial or interethnic has reached an all-time high of 8.4 percent, according to a study released Thursday by the Pew Social & Demographic Trends project.

Of the 275,500 new interracial or…


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Hispanic business group in St. Louis has joyful growing pains

Not as well-known and certainly not as big as A-B InBev and Monsanto, Gonzalez Cos. is tucked between the two other businesses on a list of top sponsors of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis.

Sure, says company founder Anthony Gonzalez-Angel, the $10,000 a year his construction management firm pays to be a member helps promote his business. But…


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5 Latina Stars Share Their Valentine's Day Plans

Chocolate, cards, and candy. These are some things we at Latina.com will be indulging in on Valentine’s Day. In the sentiment of this day, we spoke with five Latina celebrities about their plans. Whether they are spending some quality time watching movies on the couch or spending a romantic evening with someone special, these celebs candidly shared what they will be doing on…


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Verizon Named to NAFE List of Top 50 Companies for Executive Women, for 8th Consecutive Year

For the eighth consecutive year, the National Association of Female Executives has named Verizon Communications to the organization's NAFE Top 50 Companies for Executive Women. The list recognizes organizations that are committed to hiring, retaining and promoting executive women. At the 2012 NAFE Top Companies, women executives run 23 percent of operations that generate more…


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Why English-language content for Latinos is the future

It’s becoming difficult to keep track of how many media companies have made the same announcement lately: We’re launching a website/television network/social media campaign for a Latino audience, but in English.

Just in the last year-plus we’ve seen the launch of English-language digital ventures like Fox News Latino and HuffPost Latino Voices. A partnership between the…


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Labor Force Growth Slows, Hispanic Share Grows

Hispanics will account for three-quarters of the growth in the nation’s labor force from 2010 to 2020, according to new projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). One major reason is that the Hispanic population is growing rapidly due to births and immigration. At the same time, the aging of the non-Hispanic white population is expected to reduce their numbers in the labor force.

A second important factor is that Hispanics have a higher labor force participation rate than…


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NALEO: 12.2 Million Latinos to Vote in 2012

Latinos will turnout in record numbers in the next Presidential election, with at least 12.2 million casting ballots, according to projections released today by the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund. This analysis also reveals that Latinos will account for a significant share of the electorate in several…


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Latinos less likely to call 911 about strokes

A stroke could mean permanent paralysis, or in some cases, even death.

Despite that fact, researchers at the University of California San Diego say Latinos are risking their lives more than others by not calling for help. It could be the difference between a full recovery and something more devastating. According to researchers at UCSD, Latinos are less likely to call…


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Latinos, hit hard by job losses, are making strong comeback

After scraping by on handyman jobs for a year, Bert Qintana figured he'd have to leave his wife and teenage son at their home near Taos, N.M., and find work elsewhere.

Then Qintana got a call last month from Chevron Mining, which runs a mine 20 miles away. Would he be interested in hauling muck from the molybdenum mine for $17.05 an hour? He leaped at the…


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Student turns used college books into savvy tech startup

Emely Galvez is a young Latina that is taking her parents’ entrepreneurial spirit to the next level.

Unlike many of the young, well-connected tech entrepreneurs portrayed in the media, Galvez, founder of HoustonBookExchange.com, didn’t get funding from a venture capital firm or startup incubator.

Instead, this budding tech mogul took the traditional route most…


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Latina entrepreneurs share wealth, knowledge

When San Francisco restaurateur Traci Des Jardins collected $30,000 in prize money from Bravo TV's "Top Chef Masters" last year, she promptly passed on the check to La Cocina, the nonprofit Mission District incubator program that supports low-income edible enterprises, many run by Latinas.

At Oakland's recent TEDx conference on farmworkers, two Latina speakers - Amelia…


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