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Mexico to Honor USHLI President

Dr. Juan Andrade, Co-founder and President of the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI), will receive the Ohtli Award at 6:30 p.m. on May 4. The Ohtli, which means "path", is the highest honor presented by the government of Mexico to a civilian living outside the country for contributions made to the empowerment of the Mexican and the Mexican-American…


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Latinas do the most unpaid work

Cooking and cleaning for the family has always been known to be the biggest source of unpaid work by the women in families. But unpaid work is also volunteer work, helping neighbors and relatives, supporting charities, coaching Little League, being Girl Scout troop leaders, helping out at the kids' schools, etc. -- all actions that strengthen families and communities.

Most would think Americans do more unpaid work than the rest of the world -- wrong. According to the new report,… Continue

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Opportunity for Latinos Wanting to Write for Major Television Networks

The National Latino Media Council (NLMC) Television Writers Program submission period is now open for those writers who can write at least one half-hour comedy or one-hour dramatic television script in English within a five-week period of time. The program will take place in Burbank, CA from October 8th to November 11th.

Each participant is expected to complete at least one script by the end of the five-week session, which will then be read by network executives. Those writers whose… Continue

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Record 6.6 million Latinos voted in 2010 midterms

More than 6.6 million Latinos voted in the legislative elections last November, a record Hispanic turnout in a non-presidential election year, according to a new study.

The analysis by the Pew Hispanic Center says that the percentage of the Latino electorate was also larger in the 2010 midterm elections than in earlier midterm votes, totaling 6.9 percent of all registered voters, compared with 5.8 percent in 2006.

The rapid growth in the U.S. Latino population has favored… Continue

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Hilda Solis: Campaign to beat the heat at work

Water. Rest. Shade. These are three little words that make a big difference for those who work outdoors during the hot summer months.

When I was growing up in La Puente, just north of Orange County, my father worked in a battery recycling plant. He was the union shop steward there. He'd often tell me stories about workers who were injured on the job, doing…


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Latinos want to double their numbers in Illinois legislature

Latino groups on Monday presented a proposal for a new map of legislative districts in Illinois that could more than double the presence of Hispanics in the state's General Assembly.

"If Illinois' 2 million-plus Latinos were proportionately represented, there would be 28 Latino-elected leaders in Springfield. There are just 12 such leaders today," Sylvia Puente, executive director of the Latino Policy Forum, said.

The policy forum is one of 49 organizations that make up the… Continue

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HispanicPro interviews Telemundo's "La Reyna del Sur" Kate Del Castillo on Chicago visit

By Juanita Barajas

Hispanic Professional Network

“Suertuda” (lucky) is definitely a fitting word when used to describe Mexican actress Kate Del Castillo’s luck of late. Her current project “La Reina del Sur” has become an instant hit, making it the highest rated premier telenovela in the history of Telemundo. In the soap opera, Del…


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Hola! The Hispanic Boom’s Biz Impact

Newly released U.S. Census data reveals that the nation’s Hispanic population now stands at 50 million, which means that one in six Americans is Hispanic.

That puts Hispanics at No. 2 just behind whites demographically, and it means the nation’s diversity is rising. The eye-popping 43 percent growth in the Hispanic population over the last decade arose from an increase in U.S. births, and to a lesser extent, immigration, according to D'Vera Cohn, a senior writer at the Pew Research… Continue

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The Hispanic Century?

A comprehensive look at voter behavior and demographics reveals a momentous prospect: A Hispanic electorate that votes en masse, allies itself with one political party and changes America’s political balance for decades.

The rapid growth in the U.S. Hispanic population over the last 40 years — both in terms of raw numbers and percentage of the population — is…


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Joliet Diocese gets advice to help woo Hispanic students

To attract Hispanic families to Catholic schools, staff must be more culturally responsive, from the pictures and statues in offices to the way they spread news about an open house.

Fliers that read “casa abierta” — a literal translation of “open house” — won’t work because that translates to “vacant home” in Spanish, said the Rev. Joe Corpora, director of university-school partnership for University of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education.

Corpora is working with… Continue

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Google won’t release minority hiring statistics, claiming trade secret

The universal search engine may not be as transparent as it claims.

Google’s mission statement is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,” yet when asked to disclose data about its internal hiring process, the company flatly refused.

Google has claimed that its hiring procedures are a trade secret, but other Silicon Valley heavy hitters like Intel, Cisco, and eBay have released their data.

“All we are asking is for… Continue

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Sales jump for Cuba's state run Havana Club rum

Sales of Cuba's flagship rum, Havana Club, rose 15 per cent last year as the brand rebounded from a sluggish 2009 - the only year the company has ever posted negative growth.

Cuba Ron legal adviser Arian Remedios said Havana Club International, formed in 1993 as a partnership between Cuba's state-run rum monopoly and French wine and spirits maker Pernod Ricard, sold 3.8… Continue

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Hispanic growth key to suburban Chicago changes

When Fernando Molina left central Mexico to move to Illinois, he was searching for affordable housing, job opportunities and established Hispanic neighborhoods with grocery stores, bakeries and clothing shops.

He didn't head for Chicago, a well-known magnet for Mexicans pondering the journey north. Instead, he settled in Aurora, about 40 miles to the west.…


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Girl Scouts: “Se Habla Español”

Speaking of the census numbers and other evidence of the growing Hispanic population in the US, I learned this morning that “Hispanic communities have one of the only girl populations in the country that is growing.” That’s from a press release from the Girl Scout Council of Northern Texas, which has just unveiled a program to create “Spanish-language recruitment…


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Despite Gains, Still Few Latino Organ Donors

The number of Hispanic organ donors in the United States has increased thanks to educational campaigns in Spanish, but this effort is still not sufficient given the need.

According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, 110,667 patients in the United States, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, are waiting for a transplant.



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Gilbert Villegas Jr appointed by IL Gov. Quinn to Chief of Staff for IL Capital Development Board

Gilbert Villegas Jr. was recently appointed by Governor Pat Quinn to the Chief of Staff position at the Illinois Capital Development Board. As the construction management agency for Illinois state government since 1972, the Capital Development Board (CDB) oversees the construction of new state facilities, such as prisons, colleges and university classroom buildings,…


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Behind the new push to target Hispanics

When the 2000 Census data was released, it was a wake-up for many advertisers, who had not been spending time or money targeting Hispanics. The Hispanic population was exploding, to the surprise of many. That prompted marketers to begin moving dollars into Hispanic media, if not at the clip the new numbers justified. Now, with the 2010 Census out, it seems we're poised to see…


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Hispanic businesses contribute nearly $500 mn to Iowa economy

Businesses founded by Latinos are contributing hundreds of millions of dollars each year to the Iowa economy at the same time that they are training a new generation of community leaders, according to a report released Wednesday by Iowa State University.

The study reveals that an important factor in the growth of small businesses in Iowa are the state's…


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New study shows real women (who) have curves face increasing stigma throughout Americas

Obviously the headline is a play on the well-known film "Real Women Have Curves," which became the battle cry for all other-than-skinny Latinas. But according to researchers at Arizona State University (ASU), more and more Latinos see a woman's curves as anything but sexy.

Researchers at the ASU School of Human Evolution and Social Change in the College of…


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