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9 steps to build your personal brand

Whether searching for a job, marketing your business, or trying to sell your expertise, a personal brand will help you get there faster. But cultivating a personal brand is more than just being popular: It’s being known for what you can deliver.…


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Learning how to code for free to switch careers

Millions of people have lost their jobs and finding a new one can be difficult, but there's a way you can re-skill to get a career in the tech industry.

Codecademy is offering 100,000 free scholarships for their online courses that can teach you new skills which are used in a variety of in demand tech jobs.…


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For students of color, higher education is s different course

Even though students of color make up roughly 45% of the undergraduate student population, they are less likely to ask for help despite higher levels of depression and anxiety. This is exacerbated by student debt, racism on campus and lack of support.

A study published in the American Psychiatric Association online journal, found that college…


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Job search during social-distancing

“Looking for a job is a full-time job.” If you were already looking for a job before COVID-19,, you probably feel like the whole process has come to a complete halt. Recruiters and job seekers are both being more cautious as we adjust to this new normal.

During this time of social distancing, business must continue. Work needs to be completed.…


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Diversity and Inclusion guidelines for the pandemic

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, American businesses were dealing with a diversity problem, struggling to hire and retain talent from underrepresented groups.

Agencies and brands, hurt by the downturn in spending across the economy, are in danger of losing the gains they’ve made.…


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Latinos are opening more small businesses than anyone else in the US

Latino-owned businesses employ more than 3 million people, according to the 2019 State of Latino Entrepreneurship report by the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative (SLEI), a Stanford University research initiative centered around Latinos in business. All told, Latino-owned businesses account for about 4% of U.S. business revenues and 5.5% of…


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Latinos are fastest growing population in US military

The military has historically been one of the most diverse institutions in the United States. A Pew report found that 43% of active-duty military personnel represented racial and ethnic minorities in 2017.

As the military has become more diverse, it’s even more important for the officer corps to reflect the nation’s shifting population, said…


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Mercado Libre vale más que General Motors y Deutsche Bank

La capitalización bursátil de Mercado Libre marcó un nuevo récord de valor de mercado. Al precio de 823 dólares por acción, tal lo que valía cada papel esta tarde en la bolsa de Nueva York, la firma creada por Marcos Galperín registraba un valor de mercado de 40.932 millones de dólares.…


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Will young Latinos turn out to vote?

A record 32 million Latinos are projected to be eligible to vote in the 2020 US presidential election, making them the largest share of minority voters for the first time in history.

And they tend to be young. Nearly every 30 seconds, a young Latino in the US turns 18, or voting age. The challenge for candidates this fall will be turning them…


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These companies are hiring rapidly during the crisis

Millions of American workers have been laid off or furloughed during the coronavirus pandemic, with a record 20.5 million US jobs lost in April. But some companies are still hiring thousands of new employees to keep up with shifting consumer demands and spending habits.

Here's a list of some key employers hiring -- rapidly -- during the crisis.…


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3 job search tricks from Millennials

Millennials are often frowned upon for jumping from job-to-job and not having staying power as it relates to sticking with any one employer for too long.

Regardless of…


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Teaching and learning after COVID-19

How will the COVID-19 pandemic alter the future of teaching and learning? Answering that question requires that we first acknowledge some difficult truths.

At this point, we don't know the extent to which COVID-19 will cause some proportion of colleges and universities to close down or merge. The most vulnerable of tuition-dependent institutions,…


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Why diversity and inclusion is more important than ever right now

In times of isolation we need to prioritize diversity more than ever. Brands need to stand up to support people in bad times, as well as good.

When times get hard, it’s usually those on the margins of society who suffer most. While we are all affected by the lockdown, some are having to deal with so much more.…


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Conducting a job search during a global pandemic

Americans displaced by the coronavirus crisis continue to file for unemployment benefits in historic numbers sending millions of people looking for new jobs. With many organizations under hiring freezes, these are tough times to be seeking a new position.

The first thing to recognize if you find yourself laid off is that you are not alone.…


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5 ways Diversity and Inclusion help companies before, during and after the pandemic

When faced with difficult situations, companies look for ways to minimize costs. Typical cost-cutting measures include downsizing staff, cutting contracts with vendors and curtailing all activities that are not essential to survival.

The COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be one of the most challenging periods that our country has ever faced, as…


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How to find the joy in Networking

Relationships are the most consistent source of meaning in our lives and work. Whether with co-workers, supervisors, family or friends, social connections create depth and richness in our daily lives.

Networking and informational interviewing are an opportunity to create meaningful connections and learn about the world around us, if we do…


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Rent and the Latino community

A recent national poll conducted by Latino Decisions reveals a startling reality among the Latino population: 76% fear they won’t have enough money to cover basic human needs, including housing, as the pandemic continues.

For those who rent their home but have lost their employment, it is strongly encouraged they make contact with their…


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3 tips for nailing a virtual job interview

If you have the good fortune of scoring a virtual job interview in the middle of a pandemic, the initial euphoria of potential employment may soon be replaced with anxiety over what to wear—as well as putting your home life on display for a potential employer.…


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Latino prosperity was on a historic wave

It was just a few months ago when things were looking up for Latinos in the U.S. Wages were rising and unemployment had hit a record low.

Now, that historic wave of Latino prosperity appears to be at risk from the coronavirus pandemic.…


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Is your money safe in a bank during the COVID-19 crisis?

In times of economic unease, you may find yourself wondering whether your money is safe in your bank account.

Even if you still have a paycheck coming in during the coronavirus situation, your financial future might seem "uncertain” and you might be feeling the need to stock up on cash, in addition to toilet paper and canned goods.



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