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11 Success Tips From Small Business Leaders

Whether it’s about how to use social media, getting through the early dark days of a startup, or about marketing your business, getting advice can help you succeed.

The video below contains success tips from 11 business leaders. It was shot at ICON14 in Phoenix, Arizona. ICON is the Infusionsoft customer conference that attracts 3,000 attendees, most of them…


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How U.S. Hispanics View The World Cup: What Marketers Need To Know

Everybody’s talking about this year’s World Cup. Next to the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup is the largest, most all-encompassing sporting event in the world with nearly 200 countries trying to qualify for their chance to be among the final 32 taking the field in unarguably one of the most enthusiastic fútbol (soccer) countries in the world, Brazil.

And for…


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S.F. wants to lure Latin American businesses

San Francisco is heading for Latin America.

Set to start operating this year, LatinSF will work to bring Latin American businesses to the city. It will focus on Brazil and Mexico, but will also pursue companies from Colombia, Chile, Peru and Argentina. And it will help San Francisco businesses get set up there.

Modeled on ChinaSF, which has brought 47…


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Top 5 Tips for Today's Job Seekers: It's a Whole New Game Out There

Two to one: That’s the number of unemployed people actively applying for every one posted position in the U.S.

Latest statistics show that there are about 4.4 million current job openings and more than 9.8 million unemployed Americans actively seeking a job.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics stat on job seekers does not include those who have temporarily…


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Woman recognized as top corporate Latina

Latino Leaders magazine recently named Monica Martinez of Comerica Bank, senior vice president of Corporate Contributions for Texas and Arizona and National Hispanic Business Development, to the publication’s “Top 10” list of corporate Latinas. As featured in the April issue, the list recognizes Hispanic women who have made outstanding contributions in their field and…


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Latinas need support to ensure college success

Diana Gomez was a first generation Latina student attending college, 45 minutes from home. Her parents supported her emotional desire to attend college but could not help financially. Diana went to school full time but also worked three jobs as a nanny, student assistant and clinical tech to make it work.

Diana, like many Hispanic female students, faced what…


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3 quick tips for improving your professional network

Looking to improve your professional network inside and outside your company? These three tips from executive career coach Ford Meyers will help you decide what you should do, what you may want to do and what you should never do.

Always network with business peers and others by making genuine personal connections--even if you use technology (email, texting or…


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U.S.-born Latinos hold more jobs than foreign-born

For the first time in more than two decades, Latinos who are immigrant hold fewer jobs in the United States than those who are born in this country.

This change is happening because it is now harder for immigrants to enter and find jobs in the U.S., and because a new generation of U.S.-born Hispanics is entering the U.S. workforce, according to a new report from…


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Univision owners trying to sell their stakes

Univision Communications' owners are looking for an exit.

Los Angeles billionaire Haim Saban and his four private equity partners are trying to unload their stakes in the nation's biggest Spanish-language broadcaster. The media giant is seen as a jewel on Wall Street because of the growing importance of Latinos in the U.S. market.

The broadcast giant has…


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Latin America's Silicon Valley: That would be Colombia

Today, nearly half of the world lives in poverty, including nearly a quarter of Californians. The United States, like every nation, grapples with the challenge of income inequality. Colombia is no different.

But our use of technology to change the lives of millions of our citizens has the potential to transform the way the world thinks about lifting those in…


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How Women Can Get Paid as Much as Male Colleagues

When Gozde Aksay moved from Seattle to New York City in 2010 to work for a big financial firm, she was so excited to get the offer, she didn’t negotiate her salary or think to inquire what others in her position mad

“I didn’t really know how expensive New York City was, so when HR asked what I wanted, I said a number, and they said, ‘Alright,’” the 31-year-old…


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Without Immigration, Half of the U.S. World Cup Soccer Team Disappears

The U.S. national soccer team plays its first World Cup game on Monday against Ghana.

For a country where immigration reform is a such a hot button issue, it’s interesting to note that more than half of the team was born outside the U.S. or have parents who are immigrants.

This year’s team also has a particularly German influence. John Brooks, Timmy…


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Hispanic Millennials’ Biggest Challenges at Work

In an earlier post, we showed how Hispanic Adult Millennials aren’t yet where they want to be in their careers. As they work their way toward landing their dream jobs, many are employed in low-wage professions they’ve taken just for the paycheck.

So when it comes to their current jobs, what are their biggest challenges?

Tr3s asked this question as part of…


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How Much Time Should You Spend on Your Job Search?

How much time should you spend on your job search? You’ll get a range of answers depending on whom you ask, but one popular answer you’re likely to hear repeated is that a job search should be a full-time job itself.

If you’re like a lot of job-searchers, you’ve probably heard that with bewilderment and concern – and wondered if you’re doing yourself a…


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Hispanic students behind in college preparedness

Although 83 percent of Hispanic students aspire to earn a postsecondary degree, just under a fourth are academically prepared to reach that goal, according to a new report released today by ACT and Excelencia in Education.

The joint report, The Condition of College & Career Readiness 2013: Hispanic Students, shows that 24 percent of ACT-tested Hispanic 2013…


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10 Tips for Finding a New Job Without Getting Fired

Unfortunately, it is not unusual to hear of someone being fired for job hunting, an attitude that pre-dates the Internet. Employers, not surprisingly, tend to view a job-seeking employee as "disloyal," not focused on their work, and a threat to company secrets, customer lists, etc. While the employer attitude is not new, current technology offers many new ways for a…


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Can Hispanic Shoppers Save JC Penney?

JC Penney is turning to Hispanics to help rescue itself from years of financial problems.

After a sharp drop in sales and management upheavals, “the struggling retailer [is] ripping up its marketing playbook once again,” says AdAge.

Penney wants to be destination department store for Hispanic shoppers. Ads aimed at Hispanic women will be launched this…


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Cereal makers look to Latinos to help spur turnaround

Despite some struggles in recent years, the $12 billion ready-to-eat breakfast cereal market is poised for a return to growth, according to a report from Packaged Facts, a division of MarketResearch.com. The breakfast cereal market is expected to experience cumulative growth of 10% during the 2014-18 forecast period and will reach $13 billion in 2018, Packaged Facts…


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4 Must-Do's For Networking Situations

If you think about it, a great networking event can be career-changing. When this kind of magic happens, you connect with people that “up” your skills, you form lasting alliances—you may even engage those with the power to expand your career options and mobility.

Regardless of the line of work you’re in, there’s a built-in expectation that you should be plugged…


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Looking for a job? You're probably doing it wrong

Anyone who's gone house-hunting knows the real estate mantra: location, location, location. If you're hunting for a job, says Denver employment recruiter Kathleen Conners, that mantra changes to: referral, referral, referral.

"People go online and equate connecting with networking, and they are not the same," Conners says.

"I was working with a chemical…


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