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Chicago Bears Host 4th Annual NFL PLAY 60 Character Camp

300 predominantly Hispanic boys and girls learn character-building skills at the NFL PLAY 60 Character Camp with the Chicago Bears

Lake Forest, IL, June 27, 2016 – The Chicago Bears hosted its fourth successful NFL PLAY 60 Character Camp in conjunction with the NFL and Hall of Fame offensive tackle Anthony Muñoz.

Designed to introduce…


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10 networking tips for young entrepreneurs

It’s time to get out there!

As a budding entrepreneur, you surely have an idol in your industry. This is probably someone who has worked very hard to achieve their position and sits very comfortably with their success. Even the most wealthy and respected entrepreneurs started somewhere, however, and the majority started in the same position as you. One of the ways they…


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Why Diversity and Inclusion matters

Leveraging and harnessing different ideas, perspectives and experiences from a talented and capable workforce regardless of their organizational position and background drives effectiveness in organizations, argues Shaheen Akram, an organisational D&I consultant. Several more people have noted why diversity and inclusion matters to reach business objectives and be seen as…


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Most US Hispanics Buy More Often Digitally Than a Year Ago

Hispanics are often noted for their heavy digital activity, mainly due to high smartphone engagement, but this characteristic isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

As explored in a new eMarketer report, “US Hispanics 2016: Who They Are, What They’re Doing on Digital and Ad Spending to Reach Them,” US Hispanics are actually a less-than-average digital bunch. eMarketer…


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Tips for middle-aged jobseekers

Over 40 and looking for a career change?

It’s not easy, especially when you are competing against fresh graduates with the latest tech skills, abundant energy and willingness to work for less.

Chris Ball, chief executive at The Age and Employment Network, London, England, says, “You really do have to be ready for anything in job interviews — you can always…


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7 insider secrets that will help you fund your small business

As the founder of the Adelante Movement and the former president of entertainment for Telemundo, Cuban-American Nely Galán, has traveled the country many times coaching Latinas through their entrepreneurial goals and challenges, and helping us kick-start our dreams. Her mantra? Choose Yourself.

Over the past year and a half, she’s compiled her wisdom into a new book, a…


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Latina biotech pioneer hopes to heal with honey

Show Kayla Rodriguez a jar of honey, and she will tell you it’s medicine.

Against the odds is one way to describe the young, Latina entrepreneur in the predominantly white, male-dominated, global biotech industry. Kayla Rodriguez, a 28-year old of Puerto Rican descent, co-founded SweetBio, a start-up biotech company that uses honey to heal the body.



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Five tips for making the most out of networking events

While networking can occasionally seem daunting, it can help further your career. Event schedules are usually busy so it’s best to approach conferences with a plan and keep a few things in mind throughout.

1. Plan your meetings

Identify the people you’d like to meet before you arrive by looking through the speaker roster. Social media can also be…


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New Partnership Seeks to Boost Latina-Owned Businesses

There are more than 800,000 Latina-owned businesses in the United States, and they represent the fastest-growing segment of small business owners. Yet many Latina business owners and would-be entrepreneurs are unaware of the many programs and services available to help them launch and successfully continue their business endeavors.

That is why the U.S. Small Business…


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Automakers Need To Continue To Hone Hispanic American Efforts

Hispanic American consumers account for $27.9 billion in registered new vehicle transactions, representing 11% of the total market, and annually, the Hispanic population in the United States grows by about one million people.

That’s according to Viant, a Time Inc. technology company, which commissioned Millward Brown Digital to survey 1,027 respondents for its 2016…


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Redd’s Gives Away $25 Gift Cards to Chicago-area Teachers

WHAT:  To celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of summer, Redd’s Apple Ale will give away free $25 gift cards to Chicago-area teachers.

Teachers with a valid school ID can visit the Redd’s team at the select locations listed below on June…


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Tips de networking para aquellos que les cuesta relacionarse

Todos escuchamos que hay que hacer networking porque es algo bueno. Las redes de contactos que vamos formando a lo largo de la vida pasan a ser uno de nuestros activos más valiosos. Todos necesitamos de los demás: inversores, clientes, usuarios, mentores, proveedores, etc.. Qué mejor que recurrir a nuestros propios contactos ?

A los que estamos en el mundo empresarial o…


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Latinos more optimistic about financial future than most Americans, Pew study finds

Latinos who view their financial situation as "excellent" or "good" have doubled since the Great Recession, according to a new Pew Research Center study.

The nonpartisan group found eight-in-ten Hispanic adults expect their finances to be straightened out within the next year, up from 67 percent in 2008 and about 20 percentage-points higher than Americans overall.…


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Lin-Manuel Miranda Leaving 'Hamilton': Playwright Shares Plans To Persuade Latinos To Vote

Creator and star of the Broadway smash hit “Hamilton,” Lin-Manuel Miranda announced he was leaving the show on July 9 to work on a number of projects.

Aparently, one of the hottest items on Miranda’s agenda involves voters choosing the next President of the United States. The Pulitzer Prize winner plans to take some time to encourage Latinos to take active part in the…


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Diversity elusive for corporate boardrooms

In 2015, the percentage of new Hispanic directors on company boards was sharply lower than the increasing number of Hispanics in the general population. The percentage of new female directors essentially plateaued, rising only slightly, and new board members of Asian descent also dipped. African-Americans saw their ratios rise just one percentage point.

The likely…


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U.S. Hispanics: An unstoppable evolution

In 2011 the Culturati U.S. Hispanic Segmentation Model proved that acculturation is non-linear and the start/end points are not definitive. However, along with its eminent growth, the U.S. Hispanic population continues to evolve and defend its core values. Therefore, it is imperative for marketers to be one step ahead of this evolution to ensure that their U.S. Hispanic…


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Regional cuisines driving Hispanic flavor trends

As flavor trends shift from the mass market to a focus on regional flavors, product developers are inundated with options, particularly from such regions within Mexico, Latin America, Cuba and even some parts of the Caribbean. The flavors may range from spicy to sweet and offer a full range of options to differentiate products on store shelves and in new menu items and to…


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Firm Aims to Disrupt Silicon Valley Diversity

Diversity, or lack thereof, has long plagued Silicon Valley. It is no secret that African Americans, Hispanics and women have typically been underrepresented in the open offices of the Valley’s most notable tech giants.

Tackling this challenge has not been easy, and in many cases marked by missteps. Twitter’s failed attempts at outreach have been well documented in the…


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How to network: eight simple tips

Networking… many people see it as a necessary evil in the business world, and for some it can be difficult to master. Networking connects people with one another, sparking new ideas, forging new partnerships, and making an event worth attending. Sounds great, however, the problem with networking is that it can be, well, awkward. If you’ve ever turned up to a gathering as a…


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5 reasons to keep your job hunt alive in the summer

Just like that, the year is already halfway over.

Instead of trying to figure out how it's already June, let's face the facts: In January you probably decided this was – check that, is – your year to make a significant change in your career – whether it's a leap to the next level or boost in your income. Yet here you find yourself midyear, still toiling away in the same…


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