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YouTube use explodes, and minorities lead the way

Seven in 10 American adults online are using video sharing sites such as YouTube, with minority users leading the way, according to a report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

And much of the video streaming is being done on mobile devices, according to a separate study, which reported that YouTube was the most popular mobile Internet service.…


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Hispanic Youth Boom Puts Futbol Under Texas Friday Night Lights

Homecoming at Houston’s Lee High School is a social highlight of the year -- much like everywhere else in football-crazed Texas. Except here, the sport is soccer, both boys’ and girls’ teams play, and it’s held in February instead of the fall.

The school, which had few Hispanic students when it opened in 1962 as Robert E. Lee High School, halted football in…


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Hispanic voters on the fence as Obama speaks to influential civil rights group

President Obama addressed the National Council of La Raza, the nation’s largest Hispanic civil rights organization in a visit Monday that underscored the growing importance of a voting demographic that at one time felt ignored.

In his speech, Obama acknowledged that the recent recession hurt Hispanic communities more than many others and asked for patience.…


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Latinos' Net Worth Plummets: Report

Hispanics are poorer—much poorer—thanks in part to the recession that took jobs and homes, according to a Pew Hispanic poll. The study, which analyzed 2010 census numbers, reveals that the median wealth of Latino households plummeted 66 percent from 2005 to 2009, the biggest drop of any racial or ethnic group. Asians’ dropped 54 percent and African Americans’ wealth…


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State Farm becoming a better neighbor with Next Door concept

As someone who worked on the State Farm account for a few years, I view the company’s latest concept with more than a casual interest. The company with the familiar “Like a good neighbor…” jingle is about to launch an entirely new retail idea smack dab in the middle of my neighborhood in Lakeview. And at least at a first glance, I think they’re on to something good…


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Young Latinos favor cuts in taxes and federal spending

New polling figures show that Hispanics age 18–29 prefer spending cuts to more taxes as a primary solution to solving the federal debt crisis. Generation Opportunity, a nonprofit organization that educates, engages and mobilizes young people in the political process, released the figures Monday.

In the April the polling Company/WomenTrend poll, Hispanic young…


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Theatrics won't woo Latinos

The White House hosted yet another inconsequential Latino summit last week, with dozens of community leaders from across the country. The purpose of this Hispanic Policy Conference, according to White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs Cecilia Muñoz, was “more for us to listen and not for us to talk.” But what are they going to hear that they don’t already…


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The Sun-safe Behaviors of U.S. Latinos

Among Latinos living in the United States, acculturation is associated with sunscreen use, but not with use of sun-protective clothing.

According to background information to a report in the July issue of Archives of Dermatology, one of the JAMA/Archives journals, DNA damage and skin cancer are an important health issue for U.S. Latinos. Their annual…


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Latinos Leading the Mobile Web

Mobile is the fastest-growing platform in the world. In the U.S., for example, there are more than 290 million mobile subscribers. And this growth is not only about penetration. It's reshaping the way consumers use their devices. The mobile industry estimates that, by the end of this year, almost 90 percent of all new phones sold in America will be smartphones.…


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Red Bulls remake rejects Americans, Latinos

The remaking of the New York Red Bulls gathers speed. That is to say it gets faster, but it is difficult to work out whether this headlong rush for change has any direction to it.

Any intelligent direction, I mean. There are various possibilities, none of which exactly recommends itself as an example of brilliant planning.

There is, for a start the…


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Why Facebook Should Worry About Latina Moms

This has been a very intense week for social media marketing. First, Google announces its second attempt in social media by launching Google+ in a direct effort to take on Facebook. Then, MySpace is sold and will be relaunched with Justin Timberlake as creative consultant. It's clear that everyone wants a piece of the pie of this fast-growing social networking market.…


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White House aides evaluate education programs for Latinos in New York

White House representatives were visiting New York on Friday as part of an initiative to improve education for Hispanic students, who make up close to 22 percent of the nation's public school population.

"We're in crisis in the Latino community in terms of education," Jose Rico, deputy director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for…


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Latino Facebook Users Increase by 167 Percent in One Year

It’s no secret that Facebook has been mostly white since its inception. The social media site was founded at Harvard University and quickly expanded to other Ivy League schools across the nation, places that aren’t exactly known to be beacons of racial diversity. Until recently.

“Latino Facebook users grew 167 percent compared to 21 percent among…


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The changing face of America's youth

The United States is walking a path to greater diversity. And younger people are leading the way.

For the first time in national history, the majority of young people in two states -- California and New Mexico -- now identify as Hispanic, according to census data released this year.

In eight additional states -- Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Mississippi,…


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Using Mobile Communications to reach Hispanic Customers

We conducted an interview with Larry Upton, Founder and President of Edioma, a provider of mobile phone and Internet-based language instruction products designed to help companies communicate more effectively with customers, employees and partners. Edioma’s clients include 7-Eleven.

Portada: How does Edioma teach major brands to learn the Spanish-language and…


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Brewers Go Courting Hispanics

The world's brewing giants, struggling to eke out growth in the sluggish U.S. market, are stepping up their courtship of the country's Hispanics.

This summer, MillerCoors is rolling out bilingual packaging in the U.S., adding Spanish to the cartons that hold bottles or cans of its Coors Light and Miller Lite brands. It is also sponsoring a Mexican soccer…


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L.A. Latino fest rides with 'Cowboys'

"Cowboys & Aliens," co-produced and co-written by Roberto Orci, will be the closing night gala presentation on July 25 at the 15th Los Angeles Latino Film Festival.

Universal releases pic wide on July 29.

"By showcasing 'Cowboys & Aliens,' we celebrate the accomplishments of our talent," said Marlene Dermer, the fest's executive director and…


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The 'Tequila Party' Hopes To Stir Latino Voters

Just as the Tea Party drew heavily on a public backlash against government spending, another new political movement — the Tequila Party — aims to use the latest crackdown on illegal immigration to motivate Latinos to vote in 2012.

Arizona Republican DeeDee Garcia Blase formed the National Tequila Party Movement as an answer to a Tea Party influence she blames…


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America's pastime, Latino at heart

America's pastime, Latino at heartMLB has seen a remarkable rise in players from Latin America over the past two decades Eddie Perez arrived in the United States at age 17, bright-eyed and excited, thoughts of baseball greatness on his mind.

An incredible opportunity lay ahead of the youngster from Venezuela. He was a teenager with a professional contract…


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7th grader wins first National Spanish Spelling Bee


That was the word that won it all for Evelyn Juárez, a seventh grade girl from Santa Cruz N.M. who won the first national Spanish spelling bee Saturday.

Juárez, of Carlos F. Vigil Middle School, won by correctly spelling the Spanish word "bizantinismo," which means excess luxury.



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