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8 tips on how to Network the right way

Most people attend networking events to gain something: job leads, referrals, exposure, connections, opportunities to grow their business. Having organized more than 50 networking events over the past 10 years, I’ve seen plenty of these people leave disappointed, dismissing networking as a complete waste of time.

But I’ve also seen the opposite. I’ve seen people…


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3 helpful ingredients to win Hispanic shoppers

Hispanics have an appetite, and with an estimated purchasing power of $1.5 trillion by 2015, they are an important audience that grocery chains should not ignore.

Hispanics are spending more frequently on groceries and shopping perishables than other consumer groups in the United States, according to the Nielsen report “Fresh View of Hispanic…


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Why Diversity in Tech matters

If you've been following the program, then you know we have a very deep interest in technology - how it's created, how it's used and how it affects the country. We've been particularly interested in groups that haven't had as much access to this vital area. In our "Women in Tech" and "Blacks in Tech" series on Twitter and on the radio, we've been able to experience in…


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The 17 Fastest Ways To Get Ahead In Your Career

Most people want to become successful as quickly as possible. The problem is, many don't know how to go about doing it.

In a Quora thread titled, “How Can I Accelerate My Personal Growth?” users discussed how they get ahead in their working lives.

Here are 17 of the most practical pieces of career advice we found.

1. Determine what you have to offer.…


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Hispanic 100 and Accion Texas to raise $250,000 for loan fund for Latina entrepreneurs in North Texas

Microlender Accion Texas is partnering with the Dallas-based Hispanic 100 network of female leaders to raise $250,000 for a capital fund for Latina business owners in North Texas.

The “Latinas Empowering Latinas” fundraising campaign, announced Thursday, is part of a larger statewide effort launched by the Eva Longoria Foundation.

Last year, the…


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For Latina Women, College Is Often A Culture Clash

Over the past decade, both the Hispanic population in the U.S. and college enrollment increased dramatically. With more Latina women attending college than ever before, popular media depictions of Hispanic young adults seem to lag behind the complex reality of their often unique experiences in higher education.

Writer Jennifer De Leon , who teaches in the Boston…


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Read bios of Feature Guests for the 2014 Latina Trailblazers Networking Forum presented by Verizon

Read bios of Feature Guests of the 2014 Latina Trailblazers Networking Forum presented by Verizon to be held on Wednesday, July 30 at Drumbar Chicago. 

Evangelina Gallegos, Senior Manager, Hemophilia Consumer Marketing, Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Evangelina has nine years of experience in…


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Latinas Over 25 Are Most Frequent Moviegoers

Hispanic women over 25 are the most frequent moviegoers, with over one in five saying they have seen all the recent major movies, according to a study polling 1,500 people who go to the theaters more than 6 times a year.

The study - conducted by the marketing firm C4 for The Wrap, which first reported the story, found Latinas frequent all sorts of movies, from…


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Latinas reinvent the 'soccer mom'

Yuniba Montoya was accustomed to cheering from the sidelines as her sons played soccer. Then one day her son asked: “Why don’t you play sometime so you can see what it’s like?”

That’s all it took for Montoya and a group of fellow Latina mothers in Shakopee to move from the sidelines onto the field and start planning a league of their own. With a $4,095 grant…


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10 facts on Latino working families

The White House recently hosted Summits on Working Families across the country, focusing on “how we can strengthen our nation’s workplaces to better support working families, boost businesses’ bottom lines, and ensure America’s global economic competitiveness in the coming decades.”

The June 23 summit in Washington brought hundreds of participants from labor and…


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Rewriting the Innovation Code for Latinas in Technology

In preparation for the upcoming Latinas Think Big Innovation Summit this October, at Google's campus in Silicon Valley, I have been on a quest to identify Latinas around the country who are innovating in technology and across STEM fields.

I admit I stepped into this search with some trepidation - informed by reports and articles that continuously characterize…


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Whatever Happened to Latino Media?

2014 has been a rough year for English-language Latino media, argues Alfredo Estrada, editor of LATINO Magazine, with two flagship outlets folding and a third signaling it may do the same. The result is a growing Latino population that is, in Estrada's words increasingly less informed.

They're folding like cheap card tables. Since the beginning of the year,…


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5 best and worst master's degrees for jobs right now

Whether to enroll in graduate school is a decision that plagues Americans in all stages of their careers, but particularly those who may have worked for several years already but are considering a jump to the next level. Many jobs now require additional study beyond a bachelor's degree, but warnings about the burden of student debt may deter those considering this…


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25 Most Influential Hispanics in America

From music to politics to business, Hispanics are remaking America. TIME presents 25 titans leading the Latino charge into the 21st century.

Jorge Ramos

As a 24-year-old reporter in Mexico City, Jorge Ramos felt choked by more than just the capital's notorious smog. Tired of censorship from Mexico's then ruling party, the…


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The Growing Influence of Hispanics Will Change Business Models

In a recent interview with ABC News Univision, I reiterated what happens when you underestimate the Latino voter and don’t bother to make the effort to truly understand the community and its cultural values. Perhaps now with both political parties finally starting to acknowledge the importance of the Latino vote – backed up by Big Data and a fast-growing community that…


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Meeting Health Care Needs of an Older Hispanic Population

Community Healthcare Network (CHN) operates 12 federally qualified health centers in some of the most underserved communities in New York City. Each year, the nonprofit provides more than 75,000 people, many who are uninsured, with critical access to basic primary care, mental health services, nutritional counseling, dentistry, and more.

Community-based care is…


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Denny's launches Facebook page for Latinos

Denny's Corporation is reaching out to its Latino fans on Facebook.

The American diner chain, best known for its "Grand Slam" breakfasts, recently launched a 'Denny's Latino' Facebook page in an effort to engage with its customers and get the attention of the 23 million Latinos who are active on the social site. More than one in five of Denny's customers are…


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6 tips to exploit your Network from LinkedIn founder

Everyone is networking these days: going to conventions, building up LinkedIn contacts and the like. But now what? How can you actually get some value out of meeting Fred at that alumni event, or Jeannette at the sales conference? LinkedIn’s billionaire chairman and co-founder, Reid Hoffman, would like to help.

In a new book called “The Alliance: Managing Talent…


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5 Tips to Get Yourself Noticed as a Job Seeker

Being a job seeker in today’s workforce is a challenge. There’s isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to help job seekers land a job. In fact, if you want to be a standout job seeker, you have to go above and beyond to land on the radar of employers.

Many job seekers today wonder why they must work so hard to find a job they love. After all, shouldn’t landing a job…


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Facebook to hire more Blacks, Latinos and Women

Three weeks ago, Rainbow PUSH made a direct and public appeal for Silicon Valley technology companies to release their EEO-1 reports and workforce data.

Today, Facebook positively responded and posted its workforce data. Facebook joins a growing list of companies - Intel, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Cisco and others - that are confronting the lack of diversity…


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