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Three tools to help you target Hispanics via mobile

You would have to be living under a rock not to know that Hispanics are an important part of the U.S. population. In fact, 18% of Americans are of Hispanic origin, and about 38 million speak Spanish at home. Nielsen expects Hispanic buying power to reach US 1.8 trillion by 2021, and it continues to rise in the FMCG market.

It is also no secret that Hispanics…


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The best career advice no one takes

NEXT time you're going for a job interview, a "selfie" could make all the difference.

That's according to HR expert Gary Burnison, chief executive of management consulting firm Korn Ferry and author of Lose the Resume, Land the Job.

He argues that if you're landing interviews but not getting any further, like most people you'll probably go back to…


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Adapting to a growing Hispanic demographic

According to Geoscape, by 2020, over 50.6 percent of the U.S. population growth will be attributed to the Hispanic market.

Small and large corporations alike will be affected by this demographic shift, now and well into the future. Multicultural consumers are driving the growth of the U.S. economy, its employment growth and even upcoming political elections.…


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Jobless rate for Latino Americans fell to record low in June

The unemployment rate for Hispanic and Latino Americans in June fell to 4.6 percent, their lowest recorded level since 1973. A hot job market has helped pull them off the unemployment rolls and into work. The category comprises people who identify ethnically as Hispanic or Latino and can include all races.

At the same time, the jobless rates for black and Asian…


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Tips for Increasing Your Networking Effectiveness

Becoming unemployed is often a sudden, unexpected event, and most people do not have the networking skills needed to immediately switch gears and begin efficiently developing job leads. There could be many reasons: feeling uncomfortable with the networking process, not knowing the process, being shy by nature or never having needed to network in the past.…


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Hispanic homeownership rate rises in 3rd straight year

The Hispanic homeowner rate increased continued to increase in 2017, but many Hispanics are still holding off on long-term financial commitments, according to a report from The Hispanic Wealth Project.

Hispanics have seen homeownership gains for three consecutive years, driving asset growth for Hispanic families. The report also found that aside from home…


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Hispanic-Americans' attitudes toward health

Hispanic-Americans are less likely to seek health screenings or preventive care compared with their black and white peers, according to a new survey that provides a detailed and ongoing assessment of the Hispanic community's attitudes toward health care.

The Healthy Americas Survey, released Tuesday by the National Alliance for Hispanic Health and the University…


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Read feature guests biographies of the 2018 Women Trailblazers "Ladies that Lead" Celebration

Read feature guests biographies of the 2018 Women Trailblazers "Ladies that Lead" Celebration being held tomorrow July 26 at one of River North's most vibrant modern Latin food and music destinations... Nacional 27.

Ana Dutra, CEO & President, Executives' Club of Chicago

Ana Dutra is the President and CEO of The Executives’…


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Why more women should take on sales roles

According to most recent Statistics Canada report, there has been a substantial increase in the number of women entering the work force, with most pursuing professional careers (doctors, lawyers, etc.) and more and more pursuing business.

However, one field that has not progressed as quickly is sales. The percentage of women in sales roles has only increased by…


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Marysol Castro, MLB's first Latina PA announcer

Marysol Castro remembers a hot and humid summer day between third and fourth grades. She was playing stickball with her brothers and neighbors in her native Bronx, New York, and she remembers some boys looking at her with disdain when she hit her first home run.

She noticed the looks, but it didn't stop her, and it certainly hasn't stopped her…


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Minority business owners on the rise

According to Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Marketing Monica Villalobos, small businesses not only drive our economy forward, they’re our future.

Of those many businesses, Villalobos noted that a lot of those future economic drivers are categorized as minority-owned.…


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‘Find Your Passion’ may be terrible career advice

A team of scientists at the Yale-National University of Singapore (NUS) College in Singapore has reported that ‘find your passion’ may not be the best advice for students, especially those in the early stages of their education.

The research is published in Psychological Science. As the world becomes increasingly interdisciplinary, having diverse interests can…


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Latino CEOs share insights on business success

As American companies focus on their growing success, perhaps one of the most powerful and widely accepted ways is for them to continue to expand on their achievements through building more diversity and inclusion efforts, especially at the executive and board levels.…


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5 ways tech companies can retain their diverse talent

Last week, Facebook published its annual diversity report. To summarize some of the major findings of the report: there were slight increases in the amount of Black and Hispanic employees as well as women in technical roles, business and sales roles, and senior leadership.…


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Diversity & Inclusion help drive business success

There has never been a better time for the insurance profession to begin deepening the conversation around diversity and inclusion (D&I).

In fact, there has never been a better time to capitalize on the fact that the industry has started to focus on the critical importance of inclusion as a driver of business success. Inclusion means providing an environment…


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Cox Communications honors Latina entrepreneurs of the year

For the sixth year, Cox Communications is honoring two outstanding Valley Latina entrepreneurs, Sandra Flores and Rosie Magaña, whose talent and leadership are perfect examples of the ever growing women-owned businesses in Arizona. READ MORE AT…


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The cultural consumer

Hispanics make up the largest ethnic minority group in the United States, and those numbers continue to grow. With a buying power totaling $1.4 trillion, the Hispanic consumer carries significant economic clout. To benefit from this demographic, the green industry needs to ditch the heavy Caucasian influence on the hobby of gardening and make it…


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An investment in Hispanics

Carlos Garcia was three years into his first job in technology at Merrill Lynch when he first learned what a 401(k) retirement savings account was. He was floored when he learned that a colleague had already saved $30,000 in three years, and the company had matched it.

The concept of making money off money was foreign to Garcia, an MIT graduate who was born in…


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Strategies to Build A Successful Career

Career is the one among many things which is found in everyone's bucket list since childhood. Every individual has a dream of becoming something which they admire of. Having a successful career is all you need to secure your future. It will offer you a lot of opportunities to enhance your skills and to prove yourself in front of the world.…


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Latina Leaders to watch 2018

For three decades, Maria Elvira Salazar has conducted interviews and moderated debates as a broadcast journalist covering politics.

Now, for the first time, she’s finding herself on the other side.

Salazar was a news anchor for Miami-based MEGA TV and hosted a political news show, “Maria Elvira Live.” She left the show earlier this year to run for…


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