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How The NFL Built A 25 Million Person Hispanic Fan Base

When it comes to assessing market trends and identifying growing contingencies of potential fans, the NFL is on top of its game. From September 15 through October 15, the NFL will recognize Hispanic Heritage Month by engaging in league-wide and team-sponsored initiatives focused upon the Hispanic community.

The month-long celebration comes in the wake of…


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Hispanics in Arizona top $43 billion in annual spending

Arizona’s Hispanics spend more than $43 billion on goods and services each year, according to this year’s DATOS: The State of Arizona’s Hispanic Market report published by the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The final report is scheduled for release at a breakfast conference at the Phoenix Convention Center on Sept. 24.

Meanwhile, here’s a little glimpse…


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Chicago’s Hispanic Business Community Growing Fast

They make up a big chunk of the Chicago population and getting bigger all the time.

According to the U.S. Census, there were 784,000 Hispanics in Chicago, which is nearly 29 percent of the population here. CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker found out more and more are going into business for themselves.

The introduction video for the Chicago Fire was produced a small…


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Businesses owned by Hispanics growing

The South Atlantic region in the U.S., which includes Florida, is expected to be one of the fastest growing regions for Hispanic-owned small businesses through the end of this year, according to a study released this week.

The region, which spans from Maryland through Florida along the Atlantic coast, was home to 570,200 Hispanic-owned businesses in 2007,…


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Benefits of being bilingual

Many Hollywood celebs know the advantages of being bilingual, especially Latino stars who embrace their Hispanic heritage and proudly speak their native Spanish language.

Salma Hayek, Sofia Vergara, Shakira, Ricky Martin, Penelope Cruz, William Levy, Antonio Banderas, Daisy Fuentes, Thalia and Marc Anthony are some of the approximately 60 mainstream celebs that…


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Latinas in Charge: Leveraging the 'Latina Power Shift' Beyond the Coveted Consumer

Nielsen's report, 'The Latina Power Shift,' unveiled noteworthy data profiling Latinas as an emerging influential group of women in this country. The report highlights their significant strides in educational pursuits, career development, economic power, technology adoption, and cultural retention.

This is certainly exciting news for companies and brands…


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Hispanic-owned businesses doubled Over last decade

Hispanic-owned businesses have nearly doubled over the last decade, a rate more than twice than the average national business growth rate during that period, according to a new study released Friday.

The study, commissioned by the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with Geoscape, a company that crunches demographic data, analyzed Census stats to…


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United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Announces Nation's Top Local Chambers

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) honored three Hispanic chambers for their accomplishments with the Chamber of the Year Award. The recipients were announced during the 2013 USHCC National Convention in Chicago, the largest gathering of Hispanic business leaders in the nation.

"The USHCC stands on the shoulders of America's local Hispanic…


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5 Steps To Capturing The Hispanic Market

Most U.S.-based firms have a significant corporate imperative to attract Hispanic consumers, given their tremendous demographic and economic importance. Some companies, such as McDonald’s, Budweiser, and AT&T, are spending significant resources to gain market share with Hispanics and are making inroads. But it’s no simple task. According to a 2012 Nielsen report,…


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CNET targeting tech-hungry Latino market With New Web Site

On Sept. 19, CBS Interactive’s CNET will introduce CNET en Español, a Spanish-language edition of the tech news site that will be produced by a team of a dozen journalists.

To assist in the launch, CNET has partnered with Latin World Entertainment, a talent and marketing agency founded by Sofia Vergara—Pepsi and Cover Girl pitchwoman and star of ABC’s Modern…


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Learn more about the feature guests of The 2013 Hispanic Heritage Month Kick-Off Networking Celebration

Andrew Sund, President, St. Augustine College

Andrew Sund is the President of St. Augustine College (Chicago), which for over 30 years has been serving the higher education needs of the Hispanic community. He assumed office on July 1, 2008.

During his five years as president, St. Augustine College’s enrollment…


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Face-to-face networking remains key to new business

LinkedIn. Facebook. Twitter. All the social media sites. Who needs old-fashioned face-to-face networking?

Maybe a lot of us, according to two highly successful entrepreneurs: Lillian Bjorseth, president of Duoforce Enterprises Inc., Lisle; and Pat Palmer, CEO, Marketplace Partners LLC, a Rolling Meadows consulting and marketing services firm.

For both,…


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Hispanics Respond To Changing Retail Culture

In the 1980s, Baby Boomers in general were conspicuous consumers. We spent lavishly to demonstrate the amount of money we made (or wish we made). Consumers didn’t purchase sale merchandise. Sale merchandise symbolically meant you couldn’t afford to pay full price.

The 2008 recession taught consumers and Baby Boomers in particular that saving money is a powerful…


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Julian Castro Seeks Business Bridges to Latin America

Mayor Julian Castro urged Mexican business owners in San Antonio to continue to build business "bridges" between the city and Mexico as San Antonio strives to become the third large U.S. gateway to Latin America, after Los Angeles and Miami.

"Our economic destinies are linked," Castro told 178 people attending a breakfast meeting of the Asociacion de Empresarios…


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Disney makes quinceañera princess dresses for young Latinas

Leave it to Disney to create “The Quinceañera Princess.”

The keepers of “the happiest place on earth” are trying to make quinceañeras even happier than they have ever been.

They have created an elegant line of quinceañera gowns inspired by the personality, style and stories of Disney’s iconic princess characters, from Cinderella and Snow White to Ariel…


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Marketers targeting Latinas

The  last time Diane Lerma's family needed a new vehicle, she walked into the dealership without her husband, picked out the car she wanted and bought it on her own credit.

“I had my heart set on a Nissan Altima, so one Saturday I picked up my mother and ... I walked into the dealership and bought it. I had been saving anyway — I think I put half down and everything just…


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Businesses target $1.2tn US Hispanic market

The world’s biggest consumer goods companies are applying lessons from Latin America to their sales strategies in the US, as they try to woo the country’s 53m Hispanic consumers, whose spending power now tops $1tn.

Products ranging from Clorox bleach to Kimberly-Clark’s Huggies nappies and Nestlé hot chocolate are now being tailored to Hispanic tastes using…


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Summer Hit Movie Surprises Everyone Except Mexicans

Industry insiders are calling the Spanish-language film “Instructions Not Included” this season’s big surprise hit, the movie that snuck up on everyone. It’s not such a big surprise to some parts of the American population, though.

The comedy-drama directed by Eugenio Derbez that opened last Friday marks the biggest opening ever for a Spanish-language film in…


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