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5 Tips for the Networking-Averse

If you avoid networking events and dread making small talk, you aren’t alone. Studies show that one third to one half of the U.S. population has introverted tendencies. If you ask around, you’ll probably find that most people aren’t that fond of starting conversations with strangers. All you have to do is tap into your introverted strengths: solid listening skills,…


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Tough economy strains a much-loved (and very costly) Latino tradition, the quinceañera

It is the most important rite of passage for teenage Latinas. When they reach the age of 15, their quinceañera is an over-the-top celebration of a girl’s transition into womanhood complete with elaborate dresses, lavish cakes and decorations, a huge party with food, drinks and music and loads of gifts that can put an Anglo's Sweet 16 party to shame.

The shaky…


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One in five Latinas has genetic protection from breast cancer

There are benefits to being a Latina. Chief among them, according to a recent study led by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, would appear to be a genetic variant that is found in one of every five women of Latin American descent in the U.S.

The genes involved in the variant appear on both chromosome strands, so can appear once, twice or not at…


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Study aims to help older Latinos with depression

Late-life depression exerts significant physical and emotional burden on older adults, their families and health care systems.

Studies indicate that older adults face unique challenges in battling depression. Unlike younger individuals with depression, older adults have a decreased likelihood of remission than younger populations, are more prone to suffer from…


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$11M grant to help improve health of Latina mothers

San Diego-based Project Concern International announced Tuesday that it was awarded a total of $11 million in federal grants to improve health for Latina mothers and children along the U.S.-Mexico border.

A $9.5 million, five-year grant from the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration will fund PCI’s Healthy Start program, which will provide care for…


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What It Takes to Make It Big in a STEM Career

Ready for your big Silicon Valley break? Cosmo for Latinas asked three Latinas who've soared to the top what it really takes to channel your inner Mark Zuckerberg. Below, they share their best tips and tricks for making it big in engineering, tech, and more.

Julissa Ramirez, 28

Job: Industrial engineer at Intel Corporation…


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Minority buying power rises, Hispanics lead the way

U.S. minority groups’ buying power has reached new levels heights and continues to outpace cumulative inflation, according to the latest Multicultural Economy Report from the Selig Center for Economic Growth at The University of Georgia Terry College of Business.

The study, defines “buying power” as the total personal income of residents available after taxes.…


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Hispanic-owned businesses will lead America's economic recovery

America is stuck in neutral, with stagnant unemployment, slow economic growth, and out of control government spending. But as Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close, it is important to note that Hispanic-owned businesses are poised to lead America’s long awaited economic recovery.

Gallup Organization data proves first-generation migrants are more likely to…


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Underfunded Latinos grab the American dream

As the worst of the Great Recession wanes, the big banks have begun opening the money spigot for small-business lending, but cash-strapped Latino entrepreneurs are still feeling the pinch.

The irony is that this sector is launching start-ups at the fastest rate among all small businesses, which has helped buoy the economy's unemployment picture since 2008.…


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Latinos are fastest-growing ethnic group in Hawaii

Hilo, Hawaii is nearly 2,500 miles from the mainland of the United States and even further from Mexico, Central America and South America. But for Hispanics who move here, it can feel like familiar territory.

“What I love about Hilo culture is that it’s similar to Latin culture,” said Marlene Calderon, a retired accountant who was born in Panama and spent most…


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Verizon recognizes outstanding Women with 2014 Nueva Latina Estrella Award


CHICAGO, October 20, 2014—Verizon Wireless was one of the official sponsors of the fourth Maria Mangual Latina Leadership Conference in aims of showcasing the important role Latina professional women play in society. The conference took place at the Hyatt Regency Chicago…


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Read bios of Feature Guests for the Professionals in Non-Profit Networking Forum, Wednesday October 22nd

Opening Remarks

Susana Mendoza, City Clerk of Chicago

Susana A. Mendoza was sworn in as City Clerk of Chicago on May 16, 2011. She is the first woman ever elected to the Office, one of only three city-wide elected positions.

Clerk Mendoza is committed to improving the Office by making it the most…


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Getting Girls Into STEM

In today’s STEM-driven economy, the need to talent ratio in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields is less than favorable. The scarcity and availability of qualified talent in STEM is creating a huge talent gap – and therefore, a problem for companies looking to innovate at the velocity required to stay competitive.

Taking the STEM field…


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Start a new career

Network, update your resume, and network are keys to finding the right job

Fall is the start of many things - cooler weather, first days of school and, for many, a new career search. 

"Finding a job is more difficult than having a job." That's the consensus of most job search professionals. So looking for a job might mean starting from…


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Why Hispanic-Americans live longer

It’s called the Hispanic mortality paradox. In the United States, Hispanics die at slower rates than non-Hispanic whites. This is true even before accounting for differences in incomes and health-care access, which put Hispanics at a disadvantage.

One of the first people to point that out was Kyriacos Markides, a professor at the University of Maine who noted in…


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Job hunting? Don’t do this

We’ve all heard the stories about job interviews gone wrong, like the eager young applicant who brought a sandwich to the interview, because, after all, it was lunch time. But a candidate’s first impression begins long before the interview. It starts with cover letter and CV or resume, which often are far from blemish-free.

BBC Capital asked recruiters, hiring…


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The 6 most in-demand careers for Latinas

It doesn't take long for Latinas entering the workforce to find themselves up against heaps of structural barriers. As gender and ethnic minorities, who, many times, also experience discrimination based on their race, class, language, or immigration status, we quickly begin to realize that papi might have been onto something when he griped about "working twice as hard…


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Five indisputable reasons why Latinas matter

While it has become common knowledge that Latinos represent the fastest growing segment in the country, their force and power in the economy, politics and business are yet to be fully leveraged by America’s decision makers across sectors.

Somehow the math does not seem to be enough to unlock the audience, consumer or voter population that is set to make a…


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4 ways to stand out at any networking event

1. Prepare for the event by wearing something bright like a pretty brooch or statement necklace. When you are introducing yourself to 100-plus people, it will be hard to re-approach a person as the event comes to a close. Everyone is wearing similar clothing, and who was that woman with the job you admired?! The least you can do is make yourself stand out so they can…


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Minorities have degrees, but don't get hired

Top universities turn out black and Hispanic computer science and computer engineering graduates at twice the rate that leading technology companies hire them, a USA TODAYanalysis shows.

Technology companies blame the pool of job applicants for the severe shortage of blacks and Hispanics in Silicon Valley.

But these findings show that claim "does not hold…


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