Lack of Hispanic moderator in presidential debates blasted

The lead news anchor with the largest U.S. Spanish-language television network called the absence of a Hispanic or African-American moderator in the upcoming presidential debates a "grave omission."

"One out of every four of the country's inhabitants is of some other ethnic origin and it is unacceptable that neither a Hispanic nor an African American has been named as moderator. I think the four professionals chosen are extraordinary, but the United States is much more diverse than that," Univision's Jorge Ramos told Efe.

In fact, the first reaction of Univision was to send a letter to the Commission On Presidential Debates asking them to reconsider their decision and proposed Ramos and his network colleague Maria Elena Salinas as moderators.

When the commission turned the idea down, Univision sent Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney an offer to organize a debate for the Hispanic public. READ MORE

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