African-Americans optimistic on race, Hispanics pessimistic

Conducted by the Pew Research Center between the end of October and the end of November a poll covering several different aspects of race and race relations has shown that while the majority of African-Americans believe that more still needs to be done to address racial discrimination in the U.S., 81 percent to be precise, increasing numbers are optimistic about the future, 53 percent believing the future will be better for them, 44 percent having felt that way in 2007.

Furthermore 39 percent say that they are personally better off than they were five years ago, contrasting with 20 percent who stated in 2007 that they were better off than they were five years earlier.

However, as the poll released on Tuesday confirmed, there is an air of pessimism within the Hispanic community, with 50 percent of Hispanic respondents saying they get along "very" or "pretty" well with whites and African Americans, compared to over 70 percent of whites and African Americans indicating that they get along "very" or "pretty" well with Hispanics.

When it came to which racial groups were discriminated against "a lot", to quote the Associated Press, among the 2,884 adults who took part in the poll, 23 percent said Hispanics faced "a lot" of discrimination and 18 percent said the same of African-Americans. For whites the figure was 10 percent and for Asian-Americans eight percent.
Recent attacks on Hispanics are being attributed to anti-immigrant sentiment, with Carmen Febo-San Miguel, executive director of a Hispanic cultural center in Philadelphia saying that she believes racism in the U.S. is "pretty entrenched". Whether driven by greater expectation of fair treatment it is unclear but 31 percent more Hispanics born in the U.S. than those born outside the U.S. speak of "a lot" or "some" discrimination against their community.

The sight of Barack Obama in the White House is said to be driving much of the optimism felt by African-Americans. READ FULL STORY

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