Click this! Obama, Romney Target Latino Youths Online

As Mitt Romney heads off on his "Earning His Foreign Policy Chops" tour (Hit the Olympics opening. Check. Shake hands in Poland. Check. Look serious and concerned in Israel. Check.), the real election battle is in cyberspace. Especially the one aimed at young Latinos.

If you've been hit with loads of texts; your inbox has offers for T-shirts or dinner with Candidate X; and every time you open Facebook there, on the side is, a presidential-looking picture of a Candidate inviting you to "like" him; you must be Hispanic. And, most likely, a young one.

Candidate Barack Obama proved it back in 2008 -- if you want my vote, follow me on Twitter. His use of social media proved the power of social media and stunned the pols who still thought a glossy flyer in your mailbox and a robo-call from a Hollywood celeb was cutting edge. READ MORE

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