GOP Hispanic Organizer Renounces GOP to Recruit for GOP

DeeDee Blase founded "Somos Republicans" to recruit to Arizona Hispanics to the Repubican Party, but not the official state party or the official local party. Somos Republicans (which translates to "we are Repubicans") deliberately distances itself from all official Republican Party entities, citing the dissatisfaction of Hispanics with Republican leaders.

According to the Arizona Republic, Blase believes that it "helps her cause to not be associated with either the state or county GOP." Arizona state and local Republican Party leaders are, according to Blase, "a huge turnoff" to the Hispanic community that Somos Republicans targets with its outreach efforts.

"The people I want to come over to the conservative movement, they don't know what a Republican or a Democrat is, but they know Joe Arpaio," Blase told the Republic. READ FULL STORY

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