The United States has been experiencing a boom in its Hispanic population of almost 50 million since the 1990s. With this growth, there is a push for media to appeal to the growing Hispanic population. News outlets in all sectors are reevaluating how they are appealing to and addressing the growing Hispanic population, with new media sources now filling gaps that major media sources are missing, such as streaming and internet services. This gap not only highlights the change in demographics, but a shift in Hispanic culture, especially within the realm of Hispanic language.

Univision, which swore it would remain as Spanish only programming, has now started broadcasting with English subtitles. This change is occurring because of the shift in language among the Hispanic community. Many Hispanics now are bilingual or speak solely English.

These changes, however, are not helping ratings. Univision, the number one Spanish media outlet, lost $30.5 million in revenue and saw major job cuts at the end of 2016. READ MORE AT MEDIAFILE

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