Hispanics Are the Most Digitally Savvy Group


There is no doubt the digital media universe continues to shift and evolve with the constant introduction of new platforms and ways for consumers to engage.

Marketers looking for a massive demographic embracing this shifting landscape needs look no further than U.S. Hispanics. A community 52 million strong, representing 17 percent of all Americans, Hispanics are a marketer's dream: digitally savvy, young and socially connected.

Indeed, it's no secret that Hispanics are tech-forward. Digitally, Hispanics far over-index non-Hispanics. For example, smartphones are indispensable to their lifestyles, with the vast majority (72 percent) owing at least one device, according to a recent Nielsen Mobile Media Marketplace study. Web video? Hispanics watch 62 percent more digital video than non-Hispanics, according to Nielsen’s Cross-Platform Report. READ MORE

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