Hispanics' Lack of Trust In The Economy May Shape The Future Of Our Government

To say that Hispanic consumers play an important role in the US economy is an understatement. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, Hispanics represent the majority of the population growth in 33 states. The 2010 Census documents 38.7 million Hispanics in 33 states (http://pewresearch.org/pubs/1928/census-hispanic-count-compared-wit...) .

This consumer group provides a valuable source of richness to our culture, source of employment to businesses and income to retailers. In order to successfully offer products and services to Hispanics, it is essential to understand their opinions, needs and wants. They also possess a large voice in the November 2012 Presidential election.

I recently published a book entitled “The Changing American Consumer.” As the title suggests, opinions and actions of the consumer are very different from the past. Indeed consumers think and act very differently from just five years ago.

As the presidential election moves toward the November deadline, the role Hispanics will play in the election may shape the future of our government and indeed the landscape of our country. A March 2012 BIGinsight Month Consumer Survey reveals interesting, if not somewhat disturbing insight regarding Hispanics level of trust regarding the economy and, national policy and ethics of public corporations. READ MORE

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