Hotel Hispanic Workers Told To Change Their Names

Fired hotel workers, relatives and other town citizens are picketing in protest outside of a Taos, New Mexico hotel. The new owner has told the Hispanic employees at the hotel to change their names.

Larry Whitten purchased the struggling hotel over the summer. His plans were to revitalize it. Whitten has done this for 20 other hotels.

The beauty of Taos goes deeper than the southwestern landscape. Taos is rich in Spanish history. Most of the residents speak Spanish.

Whitten speaks no Spanish. When he first purchased the hotel he asked the workers to speak only English around him since he did not understand Spanish.

Then he asked them to do something he has asked workers in his other hotels to do. Whitten asked them to Anglicize their first name. His reasoning was that it was hard for most guest to understand or pronounce their Spanish first names.

The asking of them to change their first name and Whitten's management style was resented by the workers and some were fired. Whitten, in an interview with the AP, said that they were fired for being hostile and insubordinate. READ FULL STORY

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