How one woman went from $68K to $100K salary by being bold

After working at the same company for three years, and enjoying it, things were beginning to feel a bit stale and I decided to start looking for a new position. But money wasn’t my prime motivator in starting my job search. I consider myself a life long learner and I was ready to move on and tackle something new.

I attended a networking event and as I was speaking with a small group of people, I openly shared what I was currently doing, that I was hoping to make a career move, and what I wanted to do next. I try to make sure I’m doing something daily to make my voice or ideas heard, or further my career in some way. I am extremely active on LinkedIn and I frequently attend networking events.

One of the men in the group said they had an opening for a marketing consultant and asked if that was something I’d be interested in. READ MORE AT FORBES

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