How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Your Job Search

When you’re on the hunt for a new job, I’d argue that having an optimized LinkedIn profile should be one of your top priorities. Most of the other social networks – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. – pale in comparison when it comes to your job search opportunities. Here are some simple ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile for optimal job search effectiveness:

1. Update Your Personal URL

Already have a LinkedIn Profile? Well done! Now it’s time to go a step further and personalize your LinkedIn URL to include your name. Don’t forget, custom public profile URLs are available on a first come, first serve basis. Your custom URL can have between 5 – 30 letters and numbers and you can’t use spaces, symbols or special characters. I suggest using your first and last name and including your initial if needed.

2. Include a Recent, Professional Photo of Yourself

There’s nothing worse than visiting a LinkedIn profile without a picture. Actually, visiting a LinkedIn profile that includes a bar-star or shirtless picture is worse, but you get the idea. Make sure you include a recent, professional picture on your LinkedIn profile. READ MORE

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