Immigration activists concerned about anti-Latino sentiment at Tea Party Convention

Immigration reform advocates say they are concerned that an anti-Latino sentiment could grow within the Tea Party crowd.

Frank Sharry, who heads up the group America’s Voice, says if that anti-Latino sentiment becomes a big part of the Tea Party movement, Republicans will pay a price.

"Republicans who are pandering to the Tea Party movement, who are afraid to speak up and quite frankly, brave and smart Republicans who understand that if they continue to alienate this fast-growing population, they’re going to make it harder and harder to regain majority status and certainly regain the White House are the ones who are on the right side of history," he said.

Sharry cites California’s Proposition 187, the voter-approved initiative that denied education and healthcare to undocumented immigrants. A federal judge later invalidated 187. But in the decade-and-a-half since the ballot measure passed, Sharry says Latino voters in California have largely spurned the GOP. READ FULL STORY

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