Latina Entrepreneurs leading the way

Latinos are a growing force of influence in America - with good reason. The Latino population is anticipated to double, to approximately 106 million people, by the year 2050. The success of the U.S. economy is very much tied to the success of the Latino workforce. Since small businesses are a critical sector of our economy, ensuring Latinos reach their full entrepreneurial potential is especially important for expanding economic opportunities.

As a Latina business executive, I'm proud to say Latinas are leading this charge by starting their own businesses in record numbers. According to the National Women's Business Council, Latinas own close to 788,000 businesses in the U.S., an impressive 45 percent increase since 2002 and 133 percent increase since 1997. Data shows these businesses generated over $65 billion in revenue in 2012 (the most recent data available), also a huge increase from past decades. READ MORE AT HUFFINGTONPOST

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