Latino Community Grew Almost 40% in Hawaii Over Last Decade

It's a great place to have more members of La Raza--especially if you can couchsurf with 'em for vacation.

According to U.S. Census demographic data released Thursday, Hawaii's Latino population grew 37.8 percent from 2000 to 2010.

When New York City-born Puerto Rican José Villa arrived in Hawaii 25 years ago, there were few fellow Latinos. But when Villa and his wife traveled across the islands last year encouraging Latinos to participate in the Census. They found pockets of Hispanic culture from Spanish Mass in Kona to Argentine-owned coffee shops on Maui.

"I've seen it grow from almost no community presence," he said. "The Hispanic community here is an emerging market."

According to the Census, there were 120,842 Hispanics in 2010, up from 87,699 in 2000. READ MORE

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