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8602467674?profile=originalThe National Science Foundation (NSF) recently profiled eight Hispanic scientists and engineers who are national leaders in their areas of research.

From helping bring criminals to justice, to developing the latest technology in forensic chemistry, Almirall has led the charge for innovation and standardization in forensics. READ MORE AT FIU NEWS.COM

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8602481297?profile=originalAt a recent premiere of the second season of Starz's “Vida,” it was clear that the prime cable television series about the conflicts surrounding a gentrifying Mexican American neighborhood of Los Angeles has touched a nerve among young Latinos.

Even though the critically acclaimed series has a loyal Latino following, "Vida" creators worry about the show's fate — especially after the recent cancellation of the Netflix show "One Day at a Time," which was lauded for nailing Latino representation. READ MORE AT NBC NEWS

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America is changing and becoming more multicultural. A big part of that has been due to the Hispanic market. They are not just a sub-segment of our economy anymore. They have become a powerhouse of economic and political influence. Their purchasing power of over $1.5 trillion is larger than the GDP of Mexico, which is considered one of the top 10 economies in the world. 

If corporate America wants to strive for business success, it is time to reevaluate our marketing budgets and efforts to cater to this flourishing market. READ MORE AT ENTREPRENEUR

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A recent report from Rincón & Associates, a Texas-based consulting firm, says supermarkets must change the way they market to Hispanic consumers in order to reach this growing U.S. demographic. The number of Hispanics born in other countries compared with those born in the U.S. is declining, and is projected to decline steeply in the future, creating a “perfect storm” for grocers to lose valuable sales if they don’t adjust marketing and sales to better meet the needs of Hispanics born here. READ MORE AT FOOD DIVE

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Dow Jones today announced the appointment of Smita Pillai as Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

Ms Pillai will lead the creation and delivery of a progressive, global diversity strategy at Dow Jones, shaping innovative approaches to foster an inclusive culture throughout the business.READ MORE AT GLOBAL NEWS WIRE

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Homeownership in the U.S. has fallen sharply since the housing boom peaked in the mid-2000s, though it’s declined more for some racial and ethnic groups than for others. Black and Hispanic households today are still far less likely than white households to own their own homes. READ MORE AT PEW RESEARCH CENTER

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Miami’s real estate market may have cooled a bit, but it is poised for long-term success and sustainability. And the world-famous beaches and tropical weather are only part of the equation. Despite a millennial-led nationwide trend to rent and wait on or avoid buying real estate, Miami’s strong Hispanic demographic positions the Magic City with a population that still strongly believes in family and homeownership. READ MORE AT MIAMI HERALD

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Mexican airline sees opportunity in Milwaukee


The process for landing new international air service at Mitchell International Airport began at one of Milwaukee’s ethnic festivals.

“Two years ago we sent a sales team to Mexican Fiesta,” said Miguel Aguiñiga, the manager of international markets for Volaris Airlines, during a telephone interview from his office in Mexico City.

“The team found out there are a lot of people of Mexican descent, as well as a lot of people in the area interested in traveling to Guadalajara or to Mexico. READ MORE AT JOURNAL SENTINEL

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7 tips for writing better emails and cover letters


Throughout your job search, you will be composing emails and creating cover letters to introduce yourself to potential employers. Your writing is your first impression, so you'll want to polish your skills.

Some companies still ask for cover letters, and some recruiters and hiring managers want to see one. The best approach is... READ MORE AT U.S. WORLD & NEWS REPORT

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Connecting With the Growing Hispanic Market

8602427875?profile=originalNearly one in six people in the United States is Hispanic, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, but many credit unions are missing out on connecting with that market. This market group, which controls $1.3 trillion in buying power, will have a projected reach of $1.7 trillion by 2020, according to Nielsen research. READ MORE AT CREDIT UNION TIMES

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8602432658?profile=originalJose Lobaton hopes to one day become a major league manager. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the Nationals catcher to envision his dream ever turning into a reality.

After Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez was fired Tuesday because of his team’s abysmal start to the 2016 season, there are now no individuals of Hispanic descent managing in the major leagues. Gonzalez was born in Holguin, Cuba and grew up in Miami.

The absence of any Hispanic managers is a peculiar and jarring fact considering Latino players made up 28.5% of the league on Opening Day 2016, according to The Institute or Diversity and Ethics in Sport. READ MORE AT DAILY NEWS

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The top English-language shows with Hispanics

8602426277?profile=originalWhen we talk about shows that are popular among Hispanic viewers, we tend to think of telenovelas and soccer, and for good reason. Those are the top-rated programs on Spanish-language TV.

But Hispanics also watch English-language programming, something that’s sometimes forgotten among advertisers targeting Hispanics.

While the English-language broadcast and cable networks don’t get the same-sized audiences as Univision and Telemundo, they do draw in a decent crowd of Hispanic viewers.

Interestingly, Hispanics share many of the same top shows with the general English-language audience, according to data provided by Nielsen. Among both, the NFL dominates. READ MORE AT MEDIALIFE MAGAZINE

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8602411689?profile=originalIn 15 years, California expects to be about 1.1 million college graduates short of the number needed to fill jobs that require at least a bachelor’s degree.

Already, the nation’s most populous state is a minority-majority state — one in which racial and ethnic minorities comprise more than half the population. And blacks, Hispanics and American Indians not only are less likely to go to college, but their graduation rates are also lower than that of whites.

California is a bellwether for a nation that is becoming more diverse, whose economy is demanding a better educated workforce, and whose state colleges and universities are increasingly pressured to deliver it — which means making sure minorities, especially African-Americans, finish school and get degrees. READ MORE AT NORTH DALLAS GAZETTE

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The Latino drivers of economic growth


Trump is on track to appoint the first cabinet in 28 years without a Hispanic. When President Ronald Reagan nominated Lauro Cavazos in 1988 as the first Latino to serve in a presidential cabinet, he made history.

Today, President-elect Donald Trump is on the verge of making history too. With 16 cabinet-level officials and more than two dozen administration appointments announced, he is on track to appoint the first cabinet without a Latino in more than 28 years. For a president-elect who ran on restoring economic growth, ignoring U.S. Latinos makes little sense. Latinos are driving American economic growth, and they are at the core of what I call America’s New Mainstream Economy. READ MORE AT THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

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Norwegian American Hospital Continues to Engage Community as Hospital Assessment Program Redesign Legislation Is Postponed

CHICAGO (January 23, 2018)—Norwegian American Hospital is one of several Safety-Net hospitals in Illinois that could face an immediate threat in patient care and jobs by proposed cuts in funding when the Illinois Hospital Assessment Program expires on June 30, 2018. The Hospital Assessment Redesign Legislation, which was originally scheduled to be introduced today, has been postponed to a later date.

With the postponement, Norwegian American Hospital is urging communities across the city to sign a petition in an effort to stop proposed cuts in funding to Safety-Net hospitals.

The legislative committee and the Illinois Hospital Association are working toward reaching an agreement to ensure that the hospital assessment dollars continue to support the Safety Net hospitals,” said José R. Sánchez, President/CEO of Norwegian American Hospital.

Located in Humboldt Park, a predominantly Hispanic and African-American neighborhood, Norwegian American Hospital plays a critical role in the well-being of its patients, most of whom are low-income adults and children facing major health concerns such as diabetes, heart disease, and mental health issues.

This Hospital Assessment Program enables the state to match federal Medicaid funding and access billions of dollars for health care needs. Norwegian American Hospital receives about $38 million a year from these assessments, and any changes or delays in funding, such as the program being allowed to expire, would be devastating for the hospital since approximately three out of four patients (79 % of patients) would be negatively impacted by medicaid cuts.

“Saving limbs from amputation is by far more cost-effective for our government,” said Dr. Angeles Valdes, Director of the Wound Clinic at Norwegian American Hospital. “Limb salvage saves lives when you know that in our community life is more than the sum of body parts. Life is dignity with a well-guided moral compass.”

Sánchez, Dr. Valdes and Norwegian American Hospital were featured this Sunday in the Chicago Tribune.

Norwegian American Hospital employs over 900 individuals, many of whom live in Humboldt Park, and has approximately 350 medical personnel on its staff. A reduction or change in the assessment program would put these jobs, as well as those of over 25,000 Safet-Net hospital employees across the state, in jeopardy.


  • Our Safety-Net family and patient-centered hospital has been serving Chicago’s West Side neighborhoods since 1894
  • Our hospital serves Hispanic and African-American communities with some of the highest incidence rate of diabetes in the nation
  • Our state-of-the-art Comprehensive Diabetes Center opened in the Spring of 2017
  • Our Care-A-Van Program won the 2017 American Hospital Association NOVA Award
  • We are ranked Best in Chicago for reduced hospital-acquired infection rates
  • We have an average of 82 Emergency visits each day
  • We have 1,250 employees including medical staff
  • We have been the recipient of the 2015 Patient Safety Excellence Award


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8602421456?profile=originalWith the recent arrival of Hispanic Heritage Month, a spotlight on Hispanic celebrities is to be expected. The Sofia Vergara’s and J. Lo’s of the world are going to be on everyone's lips from now until October. However, there are other Latin stars who are making all the difference in this very digital world nowadays. Below are some of the most influential Latinos on social media.

Of the other Latin superstars who found success on the Internet, beauty vlogger Dulce Candy Tejeda Ruiz is the only one to give a dashing makeover on her YouTube channel, Dulce Candy. Make-up video tutorials, DIY guides for crafts and accessories and product reviews have turned her into a lead influencer in women’s fashion and lifestyle. READ MORE AT MASHABLE

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Holiday Networking tips


The holiday season is coming up fast and this could be a great opportunity to make some career connections with family and friends. Networking during the holidays is mingling and making small talk; it's a more informal experience than a network meeting in someone's office.

When relatives and neighbors ask you about what you want to do after graduation, give them the names of a few organizations you may be interested in and a general idea about the role you want to play. Then ask them the big question: "Do you know someone who works in these fields who might be willing to speak with me about what they do?" You may be surprised at who they know. READ MORE AT SETON HALL UNIVERSITY

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Nearly three-quarters of all Hispanics (74 percent) say they feel better positioned financially than they were three years ago, and that may be better prepared for potential financial crises.

So reports Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) in a new report, "Financial Resiliency,” which examines perceptions Hispanics have of their finances today as compared to the past and how prepared they are for emergencies. READ MORE AT LIFEHEALTHPRO

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Using Holiday Parties To Help Your Job Search


Just last week, the Grammar Chic blog weighed the heavy question of job hunting over the holidays—that is, should it even be attempted, or are you better off putting your job search on hold until January? The possibly surprising answer is that the month of December is actually an ideal time to job search: Competition is thinner, employers are more desperate, and you have holiday parties to use to your advantage.

Yes, holiday parties. Most of us will attend one or more of them in the weeks to come, and while these yuletide get-togethers can be perfectly merry and bright, they can also be helpful to you as you seek a new job. READ MORE AT BUSINESS2COMMUNITY

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