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Seven out of 10 Americans attribute the country’s economic growth to Latino population growth, reflecting that U.S. Hispanics have the highest workforce contribution rate (65.6 percent) and have started the most small businesses out of any other population group over the last decade.

There are significant areas where misconceptions about the Latino workforce can be corrected:

• More than 75 percent of Americans believe Latino immigrants have a lot to offer this country and are an economic boost (Asian, 87 percent; Black, 85 percent; White, 76 percent).
• Many non-Latinos also believe undocumented immigrants are taking jobs Americans depend on (Asian, 55 percent; White, 53 percent; Black, 49 percent), though undocumented immigrants make up only 13 percent of all Latinos in the United States.
• The view that Latinos are farmworkers is prevalent, even among Latinos, who believe half of Latinos fit that description. A commonly held misperception is that “farmworker” describes more Latinos than “entrepreneurial or business-minded,” despite U.S. Latinos creating the most small businesses in the country over the last 10 years. READ MORE AT LOS ANGELES BUSINESS JOURNAL

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Barnes & Thornburg has added Martín Montes as a partner in the firm’s Chicago office, where he will serve as group lead in Chicago for the Government Services and Finance Department.

Montes joins Barnes & Thornburg following a decade of legal and business experience at Exelon and served in executive leadership roles at ComEd, where he managed regulatory strategies and large customer business operations. He also spent nine years as associate general counsel at Walmart, where he developed and executed global legal strategy across Walmart’s international retail markets. At the firm, Montes will focus his practice on representing clients in the energy, utility, healthcare, education, and retail sectors in a variety of issues before the executive and legislative branches in Illinois. READ MORE

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Dear all:

Launching a project in Catarse ( brazilian crowdfunding site) that may be of interest to some of you:
An inclusive children’s book developed with an innovative Braille print created by author and graphic designer Wanda Gomes from Brazil.

This Braille print creates a new whole experienced for the children, visually impaired or not because allows textures, reliefs and even scents to be printed!

The collection is called Adélia Cozinheira (Spanish - Adelia Cocinera) and is already in Portuguese with 9 thousand copies distributed.
The funding is to print 500 copies in Spanish for dissemination in Book Fairs in México, Colombia and Argentina with Spanish publishers who have already requested the collection and the american hispanic market.
A very important project for the education and inclusion of children with visual impairment.
The project also seeks investors to cover or exceed the total value for a larger print run and distribution.

Access the project at: https://www.catarse.me/adeliacozinheira/
(Google Translator at the bottom of the site)

Portuguese Article in Draft Project: http://projetodraft.com/imagine-criar-livros-com-sistema-braile-com-texturas-aromas-e-sensacoes-este-e-o-proposito-da-wg/

Spanish article at:

English Post at: https://designresearchportal.wordpress.com/2017/05/07/inclusive-childrens-book-support-us/

Thanks in advance for your support and sharing!

By the way, I´m mexican living in São Paulo, Brasil looking for design jobs at the USA.

My LinkedIn at:https://www.linkedin.com/in/marciodupont/

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Multicultural Job Position

Dear All:

I'm Marcio Dupont, brazilian-mexican citizen currently looking for a job position in the United States.

If your company needs a multicultural industrial designer, expert in design and development of new products, innovation, sustainability, sustainable products-services and also fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, with total understanding of the hispanic-latin american markets, you can contact me at:


and visit my Linkedin profile.

Currently living in Chicago.

Thank you!

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