Pop star Shakira meets with Obama and Biden

White House staffers may wish they’d gotten to work early Monday morning: Latin superstar Shakira was there to discuss early-childhood education efforts.

“Shakira met with the president and vice president today at the White House to discuss their shared interest in early-childhood development and education,” said Trevor Neilson of the Global Philanthropy Group, who advises the singer.

The Colombian songbird endorsed President Barack Obama during the election and performed at his inauguration. Monday’s visit was one of a number of stops she made in the nation’s capital touting the need for education efforts in the developing world.

The singer, who recently founded the ALAS Foundation, was also to meet with World Bank President Robert Zoellick to launch the “Early Childhood Initiative: An Investment for Life.”The initiative will provide $300 million to help create Early Childhood Development programs in Latin America and the Caribbean. READ FULL STORY

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