Prominent Latinas see need to develop new generation of leaders

Two or three decades ago, Sylvia Puente could gain visibility in Chicago with relative ease. But that’s because so few other Latinas in the city held leadership positions.

“What it’s taken me 25 years to do, I see it happening for younger women in a much shorter period of time,” said Puente, 54, who directs the Latino Policy Forum, an advocacy organization.

Today, some of those trailblazers say they and others should feel obligated to mentor that growing Latina workforce into a new generation of Latina leaders.

“I truly believe that as Latina women we need to help our fellow Latina women,” said Juana Ballesteros, 37, a manager at Alivio Medical Center, which helps uninsured patients in Little Village, Pilsen and Cicero. READ MORE

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