A recent national poll conducted by Latino Decisions reveals a startling reality among the Latino population: 76% fear they won’t have enough money to cover basic human needs, including housing, as the pandemic continues.

For those who rent their home but have lost their employment, it is strongly encouraged they make contact with their landlord and seek some type of relief. Landlords in Chicago have pledged to extend grace periods, offer payment plans, and waive late fees for those significantly impacted by the pandemic.

Let’s also consider that thousands of Latino Chicagoans are landlords themselves. The income they receive from rent is what covers mortgages, taxes, and routine maintenance. It is vitally important for renters who can pay rent to do so – that way more flexibility is feasible for those in need.

May’s rent is due and June’s rent will be here before we know it. Please take personal responsibility – either mail your rent check on time or seek assistance from your landlord as early as possible. Know that help is available, because we’re all in this together.

Jaime Di Paulo, president and CEO, Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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