Scouts reach out to county Latinas

Toward the end of the latest meeting of Girl Scout Troop 4073, based in Tracy, volunteer leader Claudia Flores asked in Spanish whether the girls wanted to hold their next meeting right away, or whether they preferred to wait until they had better settled into the routines of a new school year.Alejandra Fernandez, 10, was for right away."I want to earn more patches," she said.

Over the summer, the Girl Scouts of the USA launched a new campaign in hopes of drawing new members to its nearly 100-year-old - and recently overhauled - organization. As part of that campaign, it developed a Spanish-language marketing plan to include $10 million in donated space on Telemundo, in People en Español magazine and other media.Like other groups focused on children - including the Boy Scouts of America - Girl Scouts wants to reach Latinas, "one of the few girl populations in the country that is growing," according to the organization's leaders.And for a group that seeks to remain relevant in the lives of girls who have an increasing number of activity and entertainment options, it could be central to long-term survival.In San Joaquin County alone, about 49 percent of girls are Latinas. READ MORE

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