Shakira, Selena Gomez Top Forbes Social Networking Superstars List

These days a celebrity’s social media presence can go a long way and Shakira, Selena Gomez and Crisitiano Ronaldo are all aware of this as the three Latinos have topped Forbes Social Networking Superstars.

The list includes Barbados vixen and pop singer Rihanna, who came in first place, along with Mother monster Lady Gaga in second place and Gomez’s boyfriend Justin Bieber in fourth.

Shakira earned the sixth slot. The Colombian singer, who is rumored to be pregnant with soccer star Gerard Piqué’s baby, has a solid Twitter following of 17.6 million and 52.5 million ‘friends’ on Facebook.

Trailing behind Shakira is Piqué’s teammate Cristiano Ronaldo, who was the only athlete to make the top 10 Social Networking Superstars List.

Ronaldo has 12 million Twitter followers and has 47.5 million ‘friends’ on Facebook. According to Forbes, Ronaldo is the most popular athlete on social media. The Portuguese soccer player often takes time to thank his fans for their support and his gratitude for being able to play soccer professionally. READ MORE

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