If Jesse Jackson is mad at Barack Obama, the president must be doing something right. Jackson complained this week that President Obama wasn’t doing enough to help blacks in a recession that has disproportionately affected black workers. Jackson’s major beef, however, seems to be that he was not invited to the White House job summit earlier this month. Join the crowd.

The White House didn’t invite anyone from the Chamber of Commerce or the National Federation of Independent Businesses either, instead choosing labor union bosses and CEOs that are already reliably in Democratic ranks.

Jackson and black leaders in Congress are becoming increasingly unhappy with President Obama over his failure to play the race card during the recession. In early December, members of the Black Congressional Caucus boycotted a vote in the House Financial Services Committee to express their anger that their colleagues and the White House have not targeted assistance on helping blacks during this recession.

When asked about the caucus vote in an interview with USA Today, President Obama said, “The most important thing I can do for the African-American community is the same thing I can do for the American community, period, and that is get the economy going again and get people hiring again.” READ FULL STORY

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