Why Facebook Should Worry About Latina Moms

This has been a very intense week for social media marketing. First, Google announces its second attempt in social media by launching Google+ in a direct effort to take on Facebook. Then, MySpace is sold and will be relaunched with Justin Timberlake as creative consultant. It's clear that everyone wants a piece of the pie of this fast-growing social networking market.

With a Little Help From My Friends

In their attempts to compete versus Facebook, both Google+ and MySpace could also use some help. And Latina moms can be very helpful.

Consider the following facts:

•Hispanic moms are one of the fastest growing demographics online.
•Eighty-two percent of mid- and high-acculturated Latino moms are online.
•Virtually 100 percent of Hispanic moms online are engaged in social networking.
•Eighty-four percent of Hispanic moms are on Facebook.
•Their presence in MySpace is 40 percent higher than white moms (29 percent reach).
These moms rely on family and peer advice, and social networks let them extend their circle of trust. Sixty-eight percent trust word-of-mouth conversations related to brands and marketing activities.

And that's exactly one of the key components that Google can leverage to benefit from this specific segment. Google+ offers Circles, which helps compartmentalize all the people in your life. Google argues that putting everyone under the "friends" label can hurt the ability to share (it can be sloppy and insensitive, according to the search giant). READ MORE

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Comment by AlbeRto CovaRRubias on July 21, 2011 at 11:15am

So Latinas are also Dangerous to Facebook now???

What will Zuckerburg do now?


WHo thinks that Google + will eventually knockout Facebook and turn it into what MySpace is currently?



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