William Almonte – Recruitment Industry Overview for The Year 2017

The evolution of technology seems to have made a good impact on the ways which are adopted by influential companies and organizations to approach their talent hunt and recruiting procedures. The Human Resource or HR managers and the hiring experts have professed their views and perspectives on the changing trends of recruiting in industries, based on which, William Almonte, has introduced a deductive overview of the thumb rules of successful recruiting in recent times. Here follow a few important factors that determine efficient recruitment and staffing across the world.

William Almonte - Recruitment Industry Overview for The Year 2017

Let’s go the digital way

Today, it is a hundred percent digital world in which the concept of a hard copy paper resume is next to obsolete or defunct. With the vibrant thriving of online professional sites like LinkedIn, the digital way is considered to be the most convenient and expedient medium of establishing contacts and communication, proclaiming one’s existence in the professional domain and creating the first impression through an online resume. William Almonte further notes that a digital resume or profile can provide a relatively better insight into a candidate’s potential, compared to a traditional hard copy resume. In fact, today, most eminent recruiters tend to recognize and follow this rule of thumb.

The innovative methods of interviewing

The primary screening method is nowadays carried out by improved and innovative tools, operating big data, social media, and other technology-based procedures. The mode of digital communication of this sort has proved to be a master key to acquiring a comprehensive insight into the individual candidates.

For job seekers who are stationed out of the area, the first round interviews can be conducted over phone calls; this method is termed as ‘telephonic interview.’ The telephonic interview is of late, being mostly superseded by the high-tech video interviews. As per experts, from 2016 to the next few years to come, the two-way live webcam interview is supposed to be in vogue.

The hunt for passive talents

The shift of the focus of recruiters on the discovery of passive talents has been observed over the recent years. There are numerous dormant talents who have been termed as the ‘passive candidates’ all over the world who are consistently serving one organization over the years, without showing any palpable urge to change their present jobs.

According to expert recruiters, these passive candidates are to be sought after and discovered, as it is quite obvious that they have acquired and accumulated vast knowledge and experience from their stay at one single organization. Thus, the latest trend avers, that the new thumb rule of finding the best talents requires the recruiter to be proactive in reaching out such passive talents and get them seated for an interview.

Eminent recruiters and employers who have taken to the latest trends of hiring have admitted the beneficial role of data analytics in the case of looking for and finding out the passive yet highly efficient candidates. Data analytics helps recruiters to a great extent in exploring and discovering the passive candidates who are most suitable and eligible to approach for a particular job profile.

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