It's no question that the tech industry is made up overwhelmingly of men. And as far as ethnicities go, whites and Asians tend to dominate the field. Given the enormous impact of tech on our daily lives, this lack of diversity is troubling. Diversity isn't just about making sure these companies represent the population they serve, it's just plain good business -- studies have shown time and again that a more diverse workforce results in better decisions and increased profits.

Fortunately, tech companies realize this too. Last year, several of them released employee diversity reports for the first time, finally revealing to the world just how unbalanced their staffs are. Some also made bold promises to increase employee diversity. In 2015, most of those companies released a follow-up report (Amazon is the one notable exception that failed to publish a follow-up report in 2015. We've reached out for comment and will update if we receive a response). READ MORE AT ENGADGET

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