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The greaser. The hot tamale. The gangster. The maid. The narco. These and other stereotypes are how Hollywood has traditionally portrayed Latinos for over a century. Even as they have become America’s largest minority, and as their box-office clout has increased, tired tropes continue. READ MORE AT LOS ANGELES TIMES

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A year after outbreak, Latinos optimistic


Latinos in the U.S. were hard hit by the pandemic both financially and personally, but many feel generally optimistic that the worst is behind them, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center.

The study published on Thursday surveyed 3,375 Latinos in the U.S. in March. It comes as coronavirus infections are on the upswing in the U.S. again. READ MORE AT U.S. WORLD & NEWS REPORT

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The future of home ownership is Latino


Amid the recent real estate bull market, one fact has been often overlooked: More than half of home ownership growth over the past decade has come from the Latino population. That trend is expected to continue. A study by the Urban Institute forecasts Latino buyers will comprise 70% of home ownership growth from 2020-2040, serving as the growth engine of American home buying. READ MORE AT CNBC

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Tips for turning your hobby into a career


So, if you’re committed to making your pastime a professional endeavour and prepared for all that entails, you might be wondering where to get started. Of course, there are various ways you could go about it, and the below is just one such method:

Start with a business plan

One of the best places to start if you’re trying to convert your hobby into a career is to come up with a solid business plan for your idea. READ MORE AT THE NEWS INTERNATIONAL

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Why Networking Matters… Still


Networking. A word that can summon fear into even the most resilient of entrepreneurial hearts. However, little else can grow your business as powerfully as networking can.  At its core, networking is the process of building relationships. Over time, these relationships will reveal interesting and worthwhile opportunities for you. READ MORE AT BUSINESS2COMMUNITY

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Despite liberal Hollywood's best intentions, every other decade becomes the emerging "Decade of the Hispanic," as if the group exists in a perpetual state of arrival. Even as the big-budget film adaptation of the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical "In the Heights" hit theaters and HBO Max last week to rave reviews, Latinos in Hollywood say they face outsize obstacles in getting stories that reflect their experiences to the screen. READ MORE AT GAZATTEXTRA

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Many Latino men haven’t gotten vaccinated



Nationally, a third of unvaccinated Latinos say they want to get the shot as soon as possible — a much higher share than unvaccinated Black or white people, according to a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

But many are concerned about missing work because of side effects, have transportation difficulties or mistakenly believe they might have to pay for the vaccine, the Kaiser survey showed. READ MORE AT LOS ANGELES TIMES

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While Black workers make up about 20% of New York City’s workforce, they account for less than 10% of workers in fashion, architecture, creative goods such as pottery and furniture and similar industries.

This disparity comes despite the fact that Black and Hispanic students make up 76% of New York City high schools centered on the arts. READ MORE AT NYNMEDIA

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The Indy 500, held every Memorial Day weekend, is draped in Americana. Thousands of fans attend the “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” decked out in stars and stripes attire. They stand tall when the the colors are presented, take off their hats for the National Anthem and cheer when a colossal American flag makes a lap around the track on a flatbed.

But the quintessentially American Indy 500 also is a showcase and celebration of international racing talent. In the 101st Indy 500 held Sunday, 21 of the 33 drivers who raced in the event were from countries other than the U.S., including six Latino drivers. READ MORE AT NBC NEWS

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According to Nielsen, Hispanics will contribute more growth than any other population segment. It is estimated that for the next 40 years, Hispanics will be the primary contributors to the total U.S. population growth, comprising 53% of growth in just the next five years and 68% of the growth for 2060. Start adjusting your strategy today to assure a profitable and sustainable future, whatever it may look like.

Hispanics are highly passionate and social. They share what they love and don’t love with their friends, family, and community. The actual purchase is just one step in the process. READ MORE AT ENTREPRENEUR

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Chicago Department of Public Health Expands Community Efforts with Hyper-local Vaccine Events as Chicagoans Encouraged to Get Vaccinated Through the Holiday Weekend



May 25, 2021

Community vaccine efforts are an extension of the Protect Chicago Plus program

COVID-19 Joint Information Center    media.coronavirus@cityofchicago.org

CHICAGO—The Chicago Department of Public Health is hosting dozens of COVID-19 vaccination pop-ups and special events throughout the city this week and into the Memorial Day weekend with a continued focus on communities where vaccine up-take remains low. Events are being held at parks, beaches, farmers markets, churches, food pantries and more, with the special vaccine buses (the Vaccination Station) also appearing at convenient neighborhood settings so residents can easily access the vaccine right in their communities.

A complete calendar of pop-ups and special events is on the City’s vaccine website at https://www.chicago.gov/city/en/sites/covid19-vaccine/home/calendar-of-events.html. New events are added weekly that will include door-to-door canvassing, with people being trained as vaccine ambassadors to go out into communities.

“This hyper-local approach is the next stage in our vaccination strategy—bringing vaccine directly to communities and events where people are, even right to their homes,” said CDPH Commissioner Allison Arwady, M.D. “Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for Chicagoans who have not yet been vaccinated to get their vaccine.”

The effort is an extension of the City’s Protect Chicago Plus program, an initiative that initially targeted 15 high-need communities based on the City’s COVID vulnerability index. It worked to ensure that a significant part of the City’s initially limited vaccine supply went to these communities most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result of Protect Chicago Plus, from early February through early May, individuals with at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in the 15 initial communities sky-rocketed – made possible in part by more than 124,000 doses allocated at Protect Chicago Plus temporary clinics and at special events. Also as a result of the City of Chicago’s equity strategy for vaccine distribution, an analysis by CDPH shows that the City leads major U.S. cities in Latinx and Black vaccine coverage. 

“While we’ve made great progress and more than half the city has now received at least a first dose of the vaccine, in too many communities those rates still lag far behind, and these are the same communities most impacted by COVID-19,” said Dr. Arwady. “This vaccine is safe and effective and it’s working to stem the spread of the virus, but we want to see better up-take throughout the entire city.” 

In addition to pop-up events, the City recently announced the expansion of it’s in-home vaccination program, called Protect Chicago At Home. Anyone age 65 or older, or anyone with a disability or medical condition is now eligible. Residents can call (312) 746-4835 to schedule an appointment for in-home vaccination.

All COVID-19 vaccines are offered at no cost to everyone, no insurance or ID required. For information about COVID-19 vaccines in Chicago, visit www.chicago.gov/covidvax.

The following is a complete list of events through Sunday, May 30. Check https://www.chicago.gov/city/en/sites/covid19-vaccine/home/calendar-of-events.html for times.  All events will offer the Pfizer and J & J vaccine.

Tuesday May 25

Hopewell Church Food Distribution, 2308 W Harrison

GAGDC Food Stability Pop Up, 7938 S Halsted

Care For Real Food Pantry, 1545 W Morse

NOBLE Johnson College Prep, 6350 S Stewart Ave


Wednesday May 26

North Bethlehem Food Pantry, 8850 S Cottage Grove Ave

Atlas Senior Center, 1767 E 79th St

House of Vans Parking Lot, 113 N Elizabeth St

Care for Real Food Pantry, 5339 N Sheridan

Noble DRW College Prep, 931 S Homan Ave

St. Florian: Svdp Food Pantry, 13115 S Houston Ave

Andersonville Farmer's Market, 1500 W Catalpa

St Steven AME, 3042 W Washington Blvd


Thursday May 27

Auburn-Gresham's Health Fair, 1737 E 95th St Chicago

TSA: Midwest Corps Pantry, 20 S Campbell Ave

Salvation Army Red Shield Center, 945 W 69th St

St. Martin De Porres, 5112 W Washington Blvd

GAGDC Auburn Gresham Health Fair on the Block, 7900 S Racine

Evening Star MBC (Food Pantry), 2050 W 59th Street

Chicago CRED, 519 W 103rd St

NOBLE Gary Comer College Prep, 7131 S Chicago Ave


Friday May 28

North Austin Library, 5724 W North Ave

Kingdom Baptist Church Food Pantry, 301 N Central Ave

Crusaders Church Food Distribution, 7859 S Ashland

Humboldt Park, 1301 N Humbolt Dr

NOBLE Hansberry College Prep, 8748 S Aberdeen

Rainbow Beach, 2873 E 75th St


Saturday May 29

Fenger High School, 11220 S Wallace

Englewood STEM High School, 6835 S Normal

King High School, 4445 S Drexel

Carver Military High School, 13100 S Doty

Clark High School, 5101 W Harrison

Gage Park, Garfield & Western Blvd

Sherman Park community, 1301 W. 52nd St

West Garfield Park community, 251 S. Kildare Ave

New Bethlehem MB Church, 8850 S Cottage Grove Ave

Millennium Park, 201 E Randolph

63rd St Beach / Jackson Park, 6300 S Lake Shore Dr


Sunday, May 30

95th St Farmers Market, 1827 W 95th St

Logan Square Farmers Market, 3107 W Logan Blvd

Montrose Beach, 4400 N Lake Shore Dr

Douglas Park, 1401 S Sacramento Dr

Marquette Park, 6743 S Kedzie Ave

Washington Park, 5531 S King Dr

Montclare community, 6814 W Wrightwood



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Are Your Company’s D&I Efforts Shallow?


Executives assess demographic data about their company and make decisions about their D&I success by comparing it to a benchmark. If the numbers are low, they seek to “solve” the problem via talent acquisition or by fast-tracking promotions. This may boost their demographic figures temporarily, but the improvement typically doesn’t last. READ MORE AT HBR

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White men now make up the minority of business owners in the United States, a shift driven by fast growth in women- and LatinX-owned businesses, and one that has profound implications for the country’s finance and innovation infrastructure.

LatinX owned businesses have been growing at a rate of two- to-four times the rate of the overall population since 2015, when Porras’s organization began surveying them. He estimates that there are 1 million net new LatinX-owned businesses created every five years. READ MORE AT FORBES

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With more than half of all Hispanic and Latino Americans unable to set up a basic checking account or send and receive money, the pandemic has highlighted the deep divide between those who are able to access digital banking, and those who are not.

Cuentas (Nasdaq: CUEN), a Miami-based fintech company focused on serving the Hispanic and Latino communities, is looking to narrow that divide, if not eliminate it outright - one card and one app at a time. READ MORE AT THE STREET

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Even without the kind of spending on Latino turnout that some had hoped to see, they registered and voted in record numbers in the 2020 presidential election, according to a City University of New York study.

The election saw a dramatic rise in registration and voting by some 18.7 million Latinos, so that about 1 in 10 voters was Latino.. READ MORE AT NBC NEWS

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A year away from another election cycle, a nationwide poll of Hispanic Americans shows their opinions, interests and preferences don’t align perfectly with either of the country’s two major political parties.

When asked what topics matter most to them, 29% said COVID-19 is the most pressing issue facing the nation. After the pandemic, 19% think the most important issue is jobs and the economy, followed by health care. Only 6% said immigration, race relations and education are the most pressing issue. READ MORE AT THE CENTER SQUARE

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Racial and ethnic groups, as well as industry sectors, define the workplace's current D&I perception, a challenge because white voices dominate 60% of the U.S. workforce. The latest GER report stated it found "strong evidence that workers from different racial and ethnic groups disagree about the current state of workplace D&I at their companies." READ MORE AT TECHREPUBLIC

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Diversity and inclusion in the work place


When the Black Lives Matter movement gained mainstream traction last year after the murder of George Floyd, many people engaged with the importance of being actively anti-racist and committing to being an ally in every part of life. This includes the workplace where pushing for diversity and inclusion is particularly important. READ MORE AT STYLIST

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