Agencies, educators focus on Latino student success

On Oct.16, a distinguished coalition of more than 100 filled Medford Library’s meeting room to tackle a daunting challenge. District 9 administrators and faculty joined other area educators, social agency personnel, business, government and civic leaders for the summit. Their goal: create a plan to improve graduation and success rates for Latino students.

According to data compiled by Oregon’s Department of Education, Hispanic youth learn at about the same rate as their classmates of Anglo descent. Yet, the findings conclude, an achievement gap often appears by grade three, and persists throughout the children’s school careers.

Maria Ramos Underwood of La Clinica highlighted this message of a significant achievement gap, and the 77% rate of low-income families among Latinos. “The only way out of poverty,” she said, “is through education. Members of Latino partnership project, Una Voz, (One Voice) pledge to help find solutions. We’ll follow your lead,” Underwood continued. “Lead us well.”

Participants from District 9 included Curriculum Director, Tina Mondale; Family Support Liaison, Ila Reimer; Principals Ginny Walker of White City Elementary, and Dan Johnson of White Mountain Middle School. READ FULL STORY

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