Asian-Americans pass Hispanics as fastest-growing group of U.S. immigrants

These are not the tired, poor, huddled masses of your grandparents’ generation.

They are the most educated and wealthiest immigrants in U.S. history, happier than the general public with their lives and more optimistic about the direction of the country.

And now, Asian Americans are the fastest-growing wave of immigrants in the United States, surpassing Hispanics, according to a survey released today by the Pew Research Center.

"It has happened somewhat under the radar screen," Paul Taylor, executive vice president of the think tank, said from his office in Washington, D.C.

In 2010, 36 percent of new immigrants to the U.S. were Asian and 31 percent were Hispanic, according to Pew.

That’s a reversal from the beginning of the decade in 2000, when 59 percent of new immigrants to the U.S. were Hispanic and 19 percent were Asian. READ MORE

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