El Gobernador seeks the votes of Texas' Latinos

Gov. Rick Perry turned into El Gobernador Tejano on Friday, wrapping himself in the Spanish history of provincial Tejas as campaigners said they want him to win 50 percent of Hispanic voters.Harking back to Spanish colonial Gov. Domingo Teran, Perry told a Hispanic Republicans breakfast that party values of faith and free enterprise match "Hispanic values":

"This is the home of a Hispanic in America -- the Republican Party." He even asked the crowd of about 300 to text-message him a Spanish word: oportunidad.

Perry definitely sees opportunity.In a Texas where the state demographer predicts that Hispanic population growth by 2020 will exceed Anglo growth by at least 25-to-1 -- that's the conservative estimate -- Perry is pitching not only for another term but also for his party's future.As Perry campaign manager Rob Johnson explained, Republicans can hold onto Texas for a couple more elections if they draw 30 to 35 percent of the Hispanic vote, but luring 40 percent would mean the party could "change Texas for a generation." READ FULL STORY

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