Facebook to hire more Blacks, Latinos and Women

Three weeks ago, Rainbow PUSH made a direct and public appeal for Silicon Valley technology companies to release their EEO-1 reports and workforce data.

Today, Facebook positively responded and posted its workforce data. Facebook joins a growing list of companies - Intel, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Cisco and others - that are confronting the lack of diversity and inclusion, with integrity and transparency. This is a step in the right direction.

But the numbers tell the story. Blacks and Latinos are being left out of the technology revolution. Facebook reports that its overall workforce is just 4% Latino and 2% Black; 69% male and 31% women overall. Hispanics make up just 4% and Blacks 1% of senior level positions.

Truly there is a long way to go to break the virtual exclusion of Blacks and Latinos from Silicon Valley’s technology industry. The tech industry is perhaps the worst industry in the nation when it comes to inclusion, and their paltry workforce data extends to the composition of their Boards of Directors and C-suite leadership. READ MORE

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