How to Be a Good Reference: 4 Ways to Help Someone Find a Job

A personal recommendation carries a lot of weight. Which product are you more likely to buy – the one with the fancy packaging or the one your best friend said was awesome? Most people would go for the latter.

Those making decisions about who to hire use the same logic. When it comes to selecting future employees, references are nearly as important as a person’s resume. Nearly half of hiring managers surveyed by the Addison Group, a staffing and search firm, said references were a major factor in making hiring decisions, compared to 56% who said the resume was crucial.

Good references clearly matter for job seekers, which is why it can be more than a little nerve-wracking when you get a call or email from a former co-worker asking you to vouch for them. You know your words could be the thing standing between them and a great job offer, and the pressure is on to not screw this up. READ MORE AT CHEATSHEET

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