Latin American startups are ninja innovators

Entrepreneurs have been a driving force behind the global economic recovery. They bring energy, passion and innovative ideas that can help solve some of our most pressing problems. In Latin America, startups are the hope for the future. In Brazil alone, some 65 percent of young people say they plan to start their own businesses.

Technology companies, entrepreneurs and investors alike are looking to Brazil as a place for future growth in the region. Brazil’s successful startup culture is due in part to recent government incentives and programs designed to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses. More important than government assistance or encouragement, though, is the innovative spirit entrepreneurs bring to their ventures.

During my 30 years in the consumer electronics industry, I’ve seen plenty of businesses start and fail, and I’ve noted some universal characteristics among the businesses that succeed. The key to success is not government aid – although too many government regulations can stifle startups before they ever get off the ground. READ MORE

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