Latino supermarkets going strong in valley

Grab an extra-large shopping cart, push it into the supermarket, and immediately, you hear the Spanish music wafting from the overhead system. To your left, the smell of just-made fajitas, papas and frijoles emanates from the quick-service restaurant where the line is 10 deep at the counter.

As you look to your right, the scent of fresh-baked pan dulce arrives just before white frosting-covered tres leches and mounds of fresh produce come into view. A man chooses a few sweet treats from the fresh bakery, then places them ever so carefully in his cart, as if arranging crown jewels.

Bienvenidos a Cardenas supermercado. It's not your average Food King.


Las Vegas has seen rapid growth and sweeping changes in grocery stores catering to Hispanic tastes. Once-strong chains have exited neighborhoods, new ones have moved in and others have quietly and slowly grown, all because of the ebbs and flows a recession produces. READ MORE

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