Meet the Future Buyers of Self-Driving Cars

If self-driving cars were available for purchase today, the most likely buyers would be young, liberal, and Hispanic, according to a Fortune-Morning Consult poll.

The online national poll of 2,001 registered voters, which was conducted last month by Washington, D.C.-based polling firm Morning Consult, pitched questions aimed at assessing awareness and interest in self-driving cars. The poll asked consumers about how much they had seen, read, or heard about self-driving cars—and if they would ride in or buy one.

For instance, Hispanics are far more willing and interested in owning a car that could drive on its own, according to poll data. About 41% of Hispanic respondents said they would consider buying a self-driving car compared to just 25% of white and 29% of African American respondents. READ MORE AT FORTUNE

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