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Small Business Leverages Social Media to Increase Engagement and Sales

Manuel Bucio spent most of his career in banking, IT, and even worked as a blueberry farmer, but in 2013, he set out on a totally new endeavor. Manuel had been disappointed by the lack of authentic Mexican desserts in Chicago, specifically the Gazpacho Moreliano, a combination of mango, jicama, pineapple and cucumber mixed with tajin, lime and orange juice, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Manuel went to Mexico where he spent a week studying how to make Mexican paletas (fruit ice pops) so he could create the best Mexican ice cream in Chicago. After his trip and about a year of planning, Razpachos came to life. Located in the West Elsdon neighborhood, Razpachos started with one product, mexican paletas, and then escalated into a complete ice cream shop, cafe, natural juice and smoothie bar. Since opening, Razpachos has provided steady jobs for 10–12 people, and has allowed Chicagoans the opportunity to taste real, authentic Mexican desserts.

When Manuel opened the doors to Razpachos, he and his partners needed an avenue to promote his new business at a low cost. That’s why they turned to social media. As a Hispanic business owner, Manuel made sure his online content would attract others familiar with the Gazpacho Moreliano as well as customers new to the dessert.

To achieve this, he did his homework and took courses on Blueprint where he learned how to create engaging content for the Razpachos Facebook page. Manuel says using Blueprint was the secret to his success. By delivering high-quality content, Manuel sees about 30-40% of Razpachos traffic driven from Facebook - the best ROI of any advertising channel he's used to date.

Manuel utilizes many other tools on the platform to help drive awareness and boost business, and believes social media is a tool that all businesses should take advantage of. It’s not only a valuable place to connect with customers, but there is no better platform to get a brand name out there.

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