Network, update your resume, and network are keys to finding the right job

Fall is the start of many things - cooler weather, first days of school and, for many, a new career search. 

"Finding a job is more difficult than having a job." That's the consensus of most job search professionals. So looking for a job might mean starting from scratch — like hiring a career coach to get you over those hurdles.

Although there is some good news on the employment front — The Bureau of Labor Statistics latest job numbers show that nonfarm payroll employment increased by 248,000 in September, and the unemployment rate declined to 5.9 percent — the reality is that many people are actively looking for jobs or to switch careers.

Peter Heymann sees a lot of people who are starting a new career or business and are in transition. "I give them a road map and plan, and be someone they can be accountable to," says Heymann, who runs break/through Career and Life Coaching. "My job is to guide people. What a coach can do is give someone objective, be a cheerleader and a nudge. They can take the first small steps and build on that success." READ MORE ON IOHUD

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