West Palm Beach Mayor Frankel convenes summit on Hispanic issues

More than 40 local business, social and cultural leaders are scheduled to gather at city hall Tuesday for a summit on issues that affect the Hispanic community.

Mayor Lois Frankel, who is convening the noon meeting, said it's intended for frank discussion on the state of the community and ideas for the future. "I want to focus on these economic times and what are some of the issues the Hispanic community faces that we need to be more sensitive to," Frankel said.

The Hispanic community continues to be a huge part of the city's economy, and Hispanics will eventually make up the majority of Florida's population, Frankel said.

Jorge Avellana, executive director of the Hispanic Human Resource Center of West Palm Beach, said he doesn't know what to expect in the first discussion of its kind with Frankel. But he said the Hispanic community is under strain. READ FULL STORY

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