William Almonte - Useful Tips For Working With Recruiters

Employees are the building blocks of an organization. For any business to flourish. It is imperative that it has efficient and skilled employees. Hiring the right kind of employees needs to be done properly. Companies sometimes hire recruiters on a contractual basis or temporary payroll.

William Almonte

Plan some sit-in sessions with the recruiter

The recruiters can only shortlist the right kind of candidates only if they know what the employer wants. The recruiters and the employers have to have a good rapport with each other. The recruiter and the employer may have sit in sessions with each other where they can discuss their requirements. The recruiter can ask the opinion of the employer before closing in on a candidate. William Almonte suggests a close relationship between the recruiters and the employers makes the whole process of recruiting easier.

Convey your requirements to the recruiters

An employer has certain requirements that have to be met. A company hires employees who fit into their assigned job roles. The employers have to have a clear idea of kind of employees they need, only then they can convey their requirement to the recruiter. The recruiter can only then select a candidate on their behalf.

Include the recruiters in the decision-making process

William Almonte Mahwah highly recommends that the employers can include the recruiters before finalizing a candidate. Like an employer knows what credentials he needs in an employee, a recruiter from his work experience also knows which potential candidate can make a good employee. Recruiters are in the business of selecting candidates and matching the job profiles with the right CVs. Their experience in selecting candidates through interviews is also important. Their experience may be taken into account by the employers before closing in on a candidate.

Stay connected with the recruiters

The recruiters do business with a lot of employers. To make sure that you remain on the priority list, stay connected with them on all channels. Be it through emails, phone calls, SMS or social media. The recruiters should be able to reach you when they contact you. If you miss their call, it may so happen that they can connect the candidate shortlisted for you to another employer. Chances are the recruiters are doing business with other employers who require a candidate for the same job role as you.

Do follow up with the recruiters

Whenever you close in on a candidate for employment or reject one inform the recruiters of your decision. Especially in case of the former, inform the recruiter or recruiting agency. Employers sometimes avoid contacting the recruiter because they may have to pay a commission to them. You can require the services of the agency or recruiters again! Also, specify the reason why you rejected or employed a particular candidate.

Recruiting employees through agencies or third-party recruiters is a serious business. Proper communication and interactions have to take place between them. The employers and the recruiters have to be aware of the profile.

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