The statistics for Latinas suffering from child birth related depression continue to climb.

From socio-economics to cultural beliefs, many suffer in silence mainly because they are reluctant to admit something is wrong.

San Ysidro Health Center physician Dr. James Cevallos says it is typical for any mother to get the blues when dealing with a new baby.

"Sadness, guilt, just not feeling pleasure, if it's beyond two weeks that's when we're really concerned," said Cevallos.

He says around 10% of the mothers he treats at the center have postpartum depression.

According to a recent study by Postpartum Support International, Latinas are 37% more likely to suffer from the disorder - compared to 25% for the general population.

"Some have thought that there's a hormonal factor involved in postpartum depression but the truth is there are multiple areas that it could be involved in causing depression," said Cevallos.

For Latinas, he says, it is not so much biological as it is cultural.

"It's something that might be shameful to the culture and we know that mental disease in the Latino culture is something that's looked at as something that you should be able to handle on your own," said Cevallos.

A lack of proper health care also plays a factor when it comes to early detection. READ MORE

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