U.S. Hispanics: An unstoppable evolution

In 2011 the Culturati U.S. Hispanic Segmentation Model proved that acculturation is non-linear and the start/end points are not definitive. However, along with its eminent growth, the U.S. Hispanic population continues to evolve and defend its core values. Therefore, it is imperative for marketers to be one step ahead of this evolution to ensure that their U.S. Hispanic strategy is reflective of today's Hispanic consumer.

To help marketers stay ahead of these changes, Culturati conducted a longitudinal study that presents the why's behind the shifts that have shaped this market in the past two years and that will continue to form this population in the years to come.

The results are aligned with 2011 predictions. The study confirmed that U.S. Hispanic identity is multidimensional. It does not follow a linear path and it is shaped by a continuous transformation where profound shifts in cultural identity occur as Hispanics forward or retro acculturate. READ MORE AT PR NEWSWIRE

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