Wal-Mart Foundation Provides $1.65 Million for ASPIRA to Address U.S. Latino Dropout Rate

The ASPIRA Association announced a $1.65 million grant from the Wal-Mart Foundation to significantly expand its ASPIRA Clubs, a Latino youth leadership dropout prevention model to stem the exceedingly high dropout rate among our nation's youth.

The dropout rate among Latino youth, at over 40 percent, is the highest of any group in the country; triple the rate of white students. In many U.S. inner-city schools, the dropout rate is over 80%. Almost half of Latinos over the age of 25 have not graduated from high school. Since the Hispanic population is the fastest growing -- and youngest -- ethnic group in the country, the long-term implications of their high dropout rate on the nation's future economic competitiveness and social well-being cannot be overstated. READ FULL STORY

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